I Wonder……

21 Jun

As I neared the walk-over by Powder Magazine, I happened to see a naked black man walking at the side of the road. Actually he was strolling with his hands behind his back. The fact that he was naked seemed not to bother him one bit. The number of cell phones in cars pointed towards him and the resulting traffic didn’t even move him on bit.

Why were the cell phones pointed at him?

Well ….Me thinks it is because he was NAKED and the fact that it seemed that the gentlemen had no body fat whatsoever and he also had large appendage dangling from his middle. Dare I say it was half way down his thigh.

Then i wondered….

Why is it all the mad people in Trinidad that roam the streets seem to have these amazing bodies that people spend thousands of dollars to try and get by goiong to a gym or by running around the Savannah? Why do they also seem to have huge members?

If this is a prerequisite for going mad…….then it is safe to say that I will be fine.

Now, seriously, think about it. All the people you know who obssess about weight and about being thin and buff and “cut up”, aren’t they a little insane? Don’t they take things a bit too far? How far off are they really from going over the edge?

I know that if some sugar or dare I say full cream chocolate syrup finds its way on something I am supposed to eat that I will not freak out and let it go to waste.

I remember being at a gathering once and there were some delicious cheese puffs just laying down on a platter…calling me…..whispering to me. I had asked the “gym freak” person next to me if they wanted one (hey I am polite) and they responded that they had exceeded their calorie intake for the day. I stared at them in disbelief for about 5 seconds and then picked up three of the puffs and went in another corner to eat it like the good fat boy that I am. They were soooo good.

So anyway, while one needs to be constantly healthy and fit, one must never go to the extreme where you limit yourself or deny yourself pleasures just for the sake of a six pack.

I know that If i die while eating for example: A tower of Chocolate dessert at TGI Fridays, i know that would have died happy than having died and knowing that my last meal was not Crix and water or just a protein shake.

Anyway as I saw the perfectly sculpted vagrant walk back down to the walk-over, I knew that I would never be in that position or allow someone to get me to that state. God knows that while working at Citibank I threatened to wipe my underwear in a couple people’s faces if they ever sent me over the edge. I thank God that I had other outlets to ease/calm the beast witihn so that never came to fruition.

Thank you God for making me chubby!


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3 responses to “I Wonder……

  1. Gel

    June 21, 2011 at 10:40

    hahahahahaha like the good fat boy i am …. hahahahadeadd

  2. Sean Samad

    June 21, 2011 at 10:48

    Stefan you are a hoot! gave me a good laugh with the exceeding calorie intake part

  3. Mandy Bennett

    June 27, 2011 at 10:44

    “wipe my underwear in a couple people’s faces if they ever sent me over the edge” hahahahahah and to think I was gonna go through the trouble of spraying people with coyote piss!


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