Steups ! (Part Deux)

21 Jun

Here is his response:

  • Dear Stefan,
    I am sorry I made this grave error. I was watching the album on marionettes page named ‘Through the years’ and my Tributes Hair spray shot looked extremely similar on the site so I really jumped to the stupid conclusion that they were the same. If you look at the two images you will see what I saw. What a coincident that we shot that scene a mili second apart.Plase do accept my apology

Hmmmm so what do you think? I honestly don’t believe him one bit since I went through the web page and could not find his “similar” photo. Did you notice he ended this email with just “Butch” instead of his entire name? Hmmmm

Do you know why this bothers me still? It bothers me because I go to great lengths not to call myself a photographer or even pretend to be one on any level. I take pictures! I like to take pictures. Some are nice. Most are horrendous!  For every 500 pics I take, I like probably 50 to 60 of them. I shake my head in shame at the others. However, the 50 to 60 i do like i am proud of them.

I started off this year determined to improve my photography skills as I had purchased a Nikon D90 for Christmas (along with the Ipad). So what if I am broken to “teef” now! I love both items very much!

To prove how serious I was about photography, I decided to take on the task of shooting someone who asked me to take some model pics of them. Let’s just say the shoot was awful! He complained about everything and could do half the stuff I asked him to do. Then when I showed him some of the pictures, he hated them all.

Strangely enough, after some “photo-shopping” on his part he seemed to like a few but for me I felt like a failure. I looked at all those photos and saw that I couldn’t capture the essence of anything. They look dead. Nothing worked. No magic.

I entered a slump. I took no pics for the next few months.

Carnival came and I took a few but it still wasn’t the same. My confidence had been shot and I didn’t feel anything had changed in my photography skills. The carnival pictures were much better but I still didn’t think that I had the magic that I had in 2010 with my Panasonic Lumix.

Oh well. Everything in time (i hope).

I recently have been taking some behind the scenes photos with a friend of mine who has his own Photography business and in most instances, I feel a slight return to form. Am I ready to do it on my own……Nope not at all.

I just need to take my time and make love to my new camera.

So folks bare with me.

Please know that I am not competing with anyone for anything related to photography. I am my harshest critic and let me try to make that critic lay off my back before I take on the rest of these people who seem worried or get very critical when they see me with my camera.

God help them……cuz they don’t matter to me..


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3 responses to “Steups ! (Part Deux)

  1. darspeaks

    June 21, 2011 at 00:44

    You somehow did not touch on the fact that he actually said ” What a (coincident) that we…..”
    I almost could not get past that but i had too .. lol
    It is always amazing how people can have nothing better to do with their time than to absolutely annoy the crap out of people with foolishness.. In this day and age no one will dare refuse to put appropriate credits on a project etc..
    Do you think that’s his way of actually “getting to know you” and somehow get around to asking to work with you?
    Amazing how stupid some people can be.


  2. Gel

    June 21, 2011 at 10:46

    i love the pics u take during my shows… or any show we go to for that fact. if is models u want to create an album das alyuh hadda say… yuh forget is a whorehouse i running… i got pretty girls by the letter…. if u want shoot shoot kinda scene imm work some crazy costumes and we get dem girls to moDEL …. doh get it twisted. i want to see more pics from u mister simmons…I DEMAND IT!!!! 🙂

  3. StaceyLeigh

    June 21, 2011 at 12:43

    Frankly I’d take the whole farce as a pretty big compliment!


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