Last Night…..

24 Jun

So…after a hectic evening yesterday, (Rehearsals and Meu Destino with Gerelle Forbes), I decided to partake in some KFC because I was aboslutely peckish (don’t judge me). I decided I would have a Zinger Special as it would be least unhealthy thing on the menu (stop judging me!).

As I walk into the outlet a second line opens up and I find myself being the third person in this new line. My heart is all aglow as there would be no KFC happening if the line was too long. With the line move, I hear chatter behind me but I am ignoring it since:

  1. It didn’t concern me
  2. The creatures carrying it on were barely speaking english (well English that I could understand).

As my turn approaches int he line, I notice that one of the creatures (donned in something black and demin with multiple prints or logos on it and gold jewellry on his fingers neck and teeth), is at my side in the line and appears to be staring at me. I don’t look as I am texting away on my phone but I feel his presence trying to intimidate me. As I move up to order, he cuts in front of me and starts to give his order.

While I looked on in shock, everyone else in the line starts up on him for cutting in front of me. Roughly translated, he implied that he had been waiting in the other line too long and that I just reach. From his demeanor and obvious grasp of the English Language I decided not to engage him but put on my stare of disdain. Strangely enough, this was not required.

All of a sudden, the KFC cashier turns looks at him and just says: “Move”

Him: You doh know who I is awah?

Her: Move and let me take de man order!

Him: Steups (he mumbles something and then adopts an open leg stance with his head slightly tilted upwards)

There is a staring competition for about  ten seconds and he then moves aside.

Feeling particualry stressed over the event, I order a Dinner Special (3 pieces of chicken, fries and a drink) instead .

I don’t know about you but I was not about to become a statistic in a KFC outlet just for a chicken sandwich and fries. Come to think of it, I was actually ready to walk out and forget the whole idea had the cashier not intervened.

The food never made it home, as it was inhaled in the car.


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3 responses to “Last Night…..

  1. Sean Samad

    June 24, 2011 at 12:15

    priceless but scary… this what we have come to in Trinidad? where a random citizen can’t even make a purchase of some KFC in peace without being harassed and hassled? Lord help us

  2. Gel Forbes

    June 24, 2011 at 16:07

    hahaha now as funny as u word this ( like you always do… in that way that i love so much) that incident is slightly disturbing …. but this is what shld be expected in places like kfc…. ghetto….. i wld know because i live there and can stand the same creatures we speak of. but monkey know which tree to climb…hence he watched u for a bit and thought about whether he shld or shld not make his move. if anotehr creature looking like him was in da line bet yuh ass he wlda cool he piggy nah. chups glad to kno thought that no black eyes were involved in the creating of this story.

  3. Mandy Bennett

    June 27, 2011 at 10:41

    hahahahahaha the visual of the “bad man stance” priceless!!!! “not going to be a statistic over chicken” hahahahahah


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