Beautiful Disaster….

04 Jul

There’s a saying I  use often especially to people who can’t seem to eat grapes or an apple without washing it like a hundred times.

What doh kill does fatten and what doh fatten does purge”

Please excuse my use of trini dialect but translated into the Queen’s English it loses its bite.

Anyway all of this to say is that I have embarked on a savings drive (in stages) and the first task in this quest is to:

Cook more often

Why did I chose this task? Umm, probably because I have stuff in my kitchen that I haven’t used in awhile. (Two minutes ago I discovered that I had  a pack of  Dairy Dairy Powdered Milk in my cupboard but it expired since 2008. I can’t tell you the last time I even used it!  I digress……

Last night, or should I say early this morning around 1am I made some baked chicken in tamarind sauce. Well I called it that but all I did was take some seasoned chicken I had defrosted earlier and lather them up with the Tamarind salsa sauce I had in a jar and stick it in the oven at 325. (I must say I was shocked at the smell circulating through house last night. The first time I smelt it,I thought to myself, neighbour cooking late. What wrong with her tonight boy? Only to realise it was coming from inside the apartment).

Focus Stefan!! The story…….

Ok.  Cut to now, where I need to make something to eat with the baked chicken and I decide that the Kraft’s Macaroni & cheese that I have in my cupboard will be adequate. I already know that I’m adding some veggies to it and a tin of peas and carrots to add color to the dish. I get excited.(when i’m excited about cooking it normally doesn’t take long)

You know, no matter how many times I read the instructions on a box of Mac & Cheese, I always forget an ingredient in it. Go figure!


Six Cup of Water – have that (well i kinda just throw water in a pot)

Four Tbsp of margarine – Is it table or teaspoon? I never know. I will just throw some in as well

Quarter Cup of 2% Milk – Err yuh need milk? I doh have none. Why 2%? Mac & Cheese fattening already.

Alas my predicament. NO MILK!!

As you learnt earlier, my powdered milk had expired sometime when PNM was still in power and Rowley was probably Minister of Housing. I am at a loss as all I drink is Silk Chocolate Milk now as in my olden years I have become lactose intolerant (Don’t get me started on that one at all! There is a potential class action lawsuit I want to file to the makers of KLIM milk as that can be the only reason I am lactose intolerant now!). FOCUS!!!

Yes., right…where was I? Oh yes….. I know that if I leave home and head to the grocery I will buy bread and my cooking attempt will come to an end. So I search in the kitchen for an alternative.

Flour? – Err that will bind me!

Choc Milk? – I not that mental yet! But it is 2% hmmm?

Muscle Milk? – We will ignore this one! (stop laughing)

Forget the milk? – That’s an idea but I like to follow instructions!

Then I see it! I am happy. I see something in my cupboard with the word “milk” on it. I smile. Will it work? Only one way to find out. I pull it out and check the expiry date. Dec 2011. Yaay I’m happy!

So I make a quarter cup of Grace’s Coconut Milk and I will use that in my mac and cheese. I am at peace! After all, it said that it’s milk.

I whip up my food and now I am almost ready to eat. I decide to put everything back in the cupboards to avoid cleaning it up later. While putting the Coconut Milk back up in the cupboard I look at the expiry date again. OMG!! It wasn’t December 2011 I saw,  but December 2010!!!.

I think for a minute and I realise that this was the first time i opened the pack so it must’ve retained its freshness. Right?

But I am hungry and I don’t like to waste food.

So here I go people. Wish me luck!

If you don’t see another blog, know that I had fun while it last….

Janet Jackson, I love you. We could’ve good together!!!

If you hear from me, remember what I taught you at the top of this blog:

What doh kill does fatten and what doh fatten does purge”

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One response to “Beautiful Disaster….

  1. MauRaw

    July 4, 2011 at 19:16

    Stefan this was too much, have me bawling down the place with laughter at coconut milk in mac and cheese. Man that was to good. Please keep us updated as the cooking progresses.


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