05 Jul

From the moment I wake up. Before the first “steups” comes out, I rise from my bed and riffle through my CD collection and find something to help wake me up. Some CDs that I own NEVER make the cut this early in the morning. Jay-Z, Kanye, Usher? Err nope, most others do.

This morning, it was in the Greatest Hits Section of my CDs and I pulled out “Respect: The Very Best of Aretha Franklin- Respect”. It’s a 2 CD collection but for the most part it is just to get the sluggish body to hum and eventually sing while I get ready to face the day.


Today “Angel” came on for some reason it sounded extra sweet. I had to stop and listen and do my best to attempt to reach her notes and fail.(What my neighbours must think of me croaking loudly at this hour of the morning!!) SMH

Anyway here it is…..

And here is the updated Simply Red version. Now Mick Hutnall can do no wrong in my eyes, but Wyclef Jean pushing his voice into the song…sigh.. why oh why!!! I keep wondering who the hell gave him a recording contract!!

The recording is still soothing to the ear and my musical palate.


Have Good Day People!

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