Tuesday Teachings…….

19 Jul

SCENE: Tikka Massala – Long Circular Mall Food Court

Enter Stefan. He strolls to the the Tikka Massala counter where a lone attendant is sitting near the entry door to the kitchen looking terrified.

Stefan: Hi

She appraoches the cash register reluctantly

Server: Hi,  Cani help you?

Stefan: Yes i would like to have a Number 8 with Aloo Nan

Server: You want Naan?

Stefan: Yes (smiling) Aloo

Server: And what number your wanted again?

Stefan: (smiling) Number 8 across there.

Server: ok

She then looks at the cash register in fright and begins to looks cautiously over it to find the button that says what I asked for. She finds them and looks up.

Server: Daz $35.95.

Stefan hands her his ATM card to process the purchase.

She takes the card and swipes it in the machine, then proceeds to look back at the cash register screen before pressing each number on it. She looks at the screen five times just to verify she did it correctly. (Stefan continues to smile at this point)

She presses enter on the LINX machine and continues to look at it.

Stefan turns the machine in his direction and enters his info for processing. She then takes both receipts from the machine and hands it to Stefan.

Stefan: umm this one is yours….

Server: (giggle) ok tanks….

While taking the receipt, Stefan’s co-worker appears and hands him $60 so that he may purchase the same item for him except with Peshwari Naan. The Server takes the order and goes through her process again.

This time the figure reads $37.95. She then enters the $60.00 I gave her and the draw opens to give me the change. She places the 3 $20 bills in the drawer and then looks up at the cash register and proceeds to give me back the change $22.05. (She is clueless as to what she just did)

She hands Stefan the receipt and shows him his order number.

Stefan: Umm what about the receipt for the order i gave you before?

The Server looks puzzled. Moves back and forth quickly and then looks at Stefan

Server: Amm just now eh…

Stefan moves to the side assuming that his order is being processed. Lo and behold, his co-worker’s order comes out but not his. Stefan motions to the girl.

Stefan: Umm excuse me but what happened to my order? Only the second order came out.

Server: (puzzled Look) Just now eh

She runs into the back, with a puzzled look on her face, and brings out an East indian gentleman to deal with Stefan.

E.I. Gentleman: Yes Sir is there a problem.

Stefan: Yes there is. The girls at the back are not seeing my Chicken Korma & Lamb Rogan Josh order in the back. I have my LINX receipt but they don’t have an order to make it.

The guy smiles at me and takes my receipt. He whispers something into the girl’s ear and she bows and goes into the kitchen area. He returns back with a receipt for Stefan but this time he is Order Number 15 and they have only reached order number 8. Stefan smiles.

Stefan’s co-worker approaches him

Co-Worker: Why allyuh fat boys does ask for impossible ting? Look my order ready but yours not.

Stefan explains the situation to his co-worker.

Co-Worker: Ah shocked yuh not cussing yet.

Stefan: Nope. The new Stefan just won’t eat here anymore.

Co-Worker: I prefer the old Stefan who will make noise and make people spit in my food too. Oh wait, my food here already.. You want me make noise for you?

Stefan’s co-worker gets a death stare and recoils…

The Server emerges from the kitchen and looks at all the eople waiting and annouces

Server: Number 15? Number 15?

Stefan smiles at her and nods. He is slightly puzzled since he knows she knows that it is his food that is in her hand.  She approaches with the meal already wrapped as “take away”, hands it to Stefan and runs back into the kitchen.

Co-Worker: Ah cyah take you nowhere yes. Ah sure de girl get fired and now nanny cheese all over your lamb roan josh. It good for yuh.

Stefan: Steups!!!!

Both collegaues walk out of Long Circular Mall Food Court.


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One response to “Tuesday Teachings…….

  1. Geevan

    July 20, 2011 at 10:52

    Hi Stefan,
    Thanks for sharing your experience. I am the M’g Director at TK Masala (formerly Tikka Masala). I appreciate the detail. She’s a new worker and obviously not properly trained. We are working on a training program but it’s not finished as yet. I do hope it will be finished October ’11.
    At that time, we ought not to have that problem.
    If you do patronise us again, feel free to send me your feedback, I really need it so as to get this operation “right”. I really do appreciate customer feedback.

    p.s. I was actually woken up last night to hear about your blog.



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