Beautiful Disaster (The Case of the Float)

24 Jul

I am lying in my bed this beautiful Sunday Morning and reading A Clash Of Kings by George R. R. Martin and suddenly I feel a slight mood shift. This is the signal from my body that “we hungry” and that I need to make breakfast.

I am in the mood for a sandwich but I realize that I have no bread in the house. The thought of walking to the supermarket to get it gets a negative reaction from my body so alternative means need to be arrived at quickly.

Cereal? – Nah had that four times for the week

Eggs? – yes but I need a slice of starch to make it filling….

Yogurt? – My stomach laughs and asks if I plan on tripping out within 5 minutes of eating it.

Sigh…. So I decide to make some fried bakes (float) according the recipe in the Naps Cook Book.

Yuh know this would’ve made sense if I actually had measuring cups etc to make this process smoother but nope I don’t possess these items. So I am going to do it “old school” style. That means I am just going to throw stuff in a big bowl and knead it and see what happens……

Let’s see: Whole Wheat Flour, Salt, Sugar, Baking Flour, warm water…….knead….leave for ten minutes to rise (belly grumbling now).. Heat sauce pan with oil and fry…..




Relax…..They don’t taste as bad as they look. Plus they are actually soft.

I surprised myself. Let’s hope all is well with me later.


“What doh kill, fattens and what doh fatten, purges….”

and I’m still here…..(Thanks to God and the prayer I say before I eat every meal)


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2 responses to “Beautiful Disaster (The Case of the Float)

  1. caryl taylor

    July 24, 2011 at 23:09

    Something about that blog post (is that the right term?) resonated with me. Exact same thing has happened to me in the past. Is that Swiss peanut butter? That image made me smile

  2. darspeaks

    July 27, 2011 at 11:39

    The first and LAST time i did this… I did not have floats.. they were flat rocks that would defend me against any intruder.. i was downtrodden yet i ate it all because I made them… lol so since then I depend on mom or someone else to make them… so since you did well I will try urs now!!


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