Is It Just me….

03 Aug

or are people going crazy these days.

I get friend requests on facebook from all kinds of people (most of them I don’t know or have never met). I just have one rule when it comes to adding people to my Facebook page.

RULE: I must have had a conversation (face to face) with you at some point in my life.

Is that a hard rule? I don’t think so. I don’t add strangers! They creep me out and no good ever came from befriending someone you met over the internet. Call me old fashioned but I need to meet you in person and psycho-analyse you without a license there and then decide if you are worthy.

Granted I have been rejected by many people who didn’t think me worthy of entering their hallowed FB space or deleted me so that they could find inner peace, so I understand what people go through but I am still here and loving this life without them.

I always point out to people who seem to revel in having over 4000+ friendson their and then wondering why this random person keeps commenting on their pictures that “yuh look for it!”  I pride myself in the fact that  everyone on my friend list I can give you a story about how I know them and hopefully they only have good memories of me. Even though I’ve heard stuff like: “You used to tap me up in school” or “I remembered when you called me “bobo general” in the library for everyone to hear. Some of these incidents I have no recollection of and I always apologise to the individuals. LOL!

I am not a bad person at all. At least I would like to think so.

So when I got a friend request from this particualr individual, I think a bell went off in my head and said..ENOUGH!!

Take a look! (It’s been slightly altered to protect her in some way)


Now don’t get me wrong, it may be the correct spelling for her name (yeah right) but I just couldn’t bare it anymore.

What is the deal with people calling themselves Swagga-man Frank (really a name like Frank and you think you have Swag?)  and CutieFace-this or Sexy Barbie that? Are you that unhappy with your names? Don’t even get me started on people who decide to merge entire sentences as their middle names in the hope that someone will help them deal with the issue that going on in their heads.

So to SexyBarbie Idontgiveahdamnwhatutinkofmeiambess Jones….and all the others who seem to think that spelling and grammar at school was just keeping them back from being the next Tyra or Beyonce, WAKE UP!!!

Why can’t people just learn to spell? Is it that hard? I am not even asking you to learn difficult words, how about just remembering the ones you used in school?  You know A for Apple, B for Bat,C for Cat…..L for LION!!!

Come on people! Save our children! Save our Society! I shudder to think what will pass for spelling in ten years.

God HELP US All!!

Hmm maybe I should add her?

What do you think?


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2 responses to “Is It Just me….

  1. ReidDesigns

    August 3, 2011 at 20:35

    I say add her. But you don’t know how to use FB privacy setting awa? lol Limited. Profile. ! I agree. IN fact these names has flown in the face of Facebooks whole philosophy that you ARE who you ARE on FB. If it were me I’d report her!

    BTW How do I know u again??? lol

    • Stefan

      August 3, 2011 at 23:00

      I really don’t know how to do that limited setting thing….but why add someone and then limit them?


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