Flirt (The Admin Pool Version)

09 Aug

Date: August 9, 2011  Time: 7:45am

I am on my way to my workstation and I greet all the administrative staff as I pass by.

Temp Worker: Morning Stefan. How is your day going so far?

Stefan: Err I now reach and I hungry. so not so good.

Temp : You want me to get coffee for you?

I spin around from walking to my desk and put one big grin on my face.

Stefan: Nah, it’s ok. I brought cereal. So i’m gonna have that.

Temp : Ok ( she looks down at the floor)

I begin to get my work stuff out from my desk and suddenly i see someone hovering over my cubicle wall.

Temp : Umm Stefan…..

I look up and grin again.

Temp : Today is my last day with you all and I wanted to say it was a pleasure working with you.

Stefan: Where you going already? You now start doing stuff for me. What am I supposed to do?

Temp : (blushing) well Miss F comes back tomorrow, so there is no more need for my services.

Stefan: Steups….3 weeks fly so fast? Wow!  It was nice meeting you though


She is still at my cubicle wall


I am now booting up my laptop and taking my cereal out of my bag and thinking…why is she still here?

Temp : Umm before I go, there is just one thing I wanted to tell you

Stefan: yeeeeesssss

Temp : You have really piercing eyes. It is very distracting at times.

Stefan (blushing): Err thanks….but why you say that? A big man like me is not supposed to be blushing. Especially not this early in the morning.

Temp : I just thought you should know

And with that, she walks off and heads to the kitchnette area.


Ummmm What just happened there?


In other news:

The cleaner has been moved to another floor (not due to anything I may or may not have said to anyone). She comes upstairs once in awhile and mumbles at me if we pass in the corridor.

Hmmm So weird. I wonder why things changed?

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