Enough is Enough

12 Aug

Everyone at some point or another has joked about the fact that when we look back at Sesame Street ( with adult eyes) there are things that catch us that never registered before. Of course, we just sit back and laugh and know that our innocence had left us ages ago and was replaced by the filth and smut of Carnival and Cinemax (don’t deny it, you kow you have watched it once or thirteen times).

I have been guilty of not liking certain characters and of spreading vicious rumours on others like Elmo being on ecstacy and Prairie Dawn needing a beat down but these are harmless. Sesame Street has been a love of mine for ages and I cannot imagine growing up without singing about “The Lowercase n”, or “Capital I” or “One Way…the Sign said One Way” among countless others. Sesame street taught me many valuable lessons during my childhood and while I am not always in agreement with the direction they sometimes go in the show, I understand its appeal, relevance and importance in society.

Then comes these ridiculous people called who apparently have launched a petition to let Ernie & Bert get married. See Below:

Also I never found this poster to be funny ( well not really)

While I applaud the stance of CTW (Children’s Television Workshop) on this issue, I find it very disheartening to know that once again adults who are trying to push a cause through would try to stereotype every aspect of life and therefore take away the innocence of everything.

Look I know I may have told many of you that I knew Bert & Ernice were gay from the moment Ernie woke up Bert in the middle of the night to ask him :

” Do you like me? Do you think i’m swell? Do you Like me? Won’t you tell. I wanna hear it from you?”

Yes the question seems a bit shady and slightly dodgy but that is only because I am looking at it with nasty adult eyes and not the innocent ones that first saw it and thought to ask my brother the same question one night and he just “steupsed” and asked for me to leave him alone.

Yes, I was annoying that way. Lord knows how he came still talk to me after all the things I did to him. We also won’t get into how i tortured my younger siblings and cousins…some things are better left unsaid in case these people get flashbacks of torture and someone finds me at the side of the road.

Anyway, the point is.. LEAVE SESAME STREET ALONE!!!

There are lots of adult issues that can be discussed with children, divorce, death, drugs , addiction,etc but come now, do you really need to make two roommates since 1969 a couple? They already are best friends and trust me anyone who has lived with a friend for any length of time, you both start acting like a married couple but it doesn’t mean you are gay. It means you all like each other. I lived with my best friend for One Year on Campus and while we no longer speak as we used to, the experience taught me that distance is a good thing for friends. A lot of personal space is necessary.

I digress……

Why don’t they harass Bob? Bob who? You know Bob. The one who lives on top of Mr. Hooper’s Store and has a piano and sings alot through his window and who was once romantically linked to Linda (the deaf but certainly not BLIND girl). Yes that one! Why aren’t they dealing with him? Hmmmm I know why..’cause old people aren’t fun to pick on and they can SUE you…

Shame on you!!! Why don’t you change and stop being the bully here! You think making two puppets marry will put an end to bullying? Err why not then petition for Oscar the Grouch to be nicer or for Big Bird to acknowledge his relationship with Snuffie or have Grover come out of the closet and Cookie Monster deal with his eating disorder and Count with his OCD? Huh? Why not help everyone?


I never liked Grover much as his scenes intially involved him always asking for hugs and for someone to tickle his tummy. It was a little creepy even for me. Grover as the waiter or as SuperGrover is a better character.

Telly Monster also used to piss me off with his worrying. Why isn’t he on meds by now?

And while we are at it….Why did Maria stop dating David and marry Luis and then David disappeared from the show? Rumor has it he went mad and walked through Central Park naked and later committed suicide. And why did anybody ever address how ghetto and loud Olivia was when she visited the street? How did Mr. Looper make money and why is that store still open? Why hasn’t Starbucks, Subway or Wal-Mart or Target moved in as yet?

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One response to “Enough is Enough

  1. Mandy Bennett

    August 12, 2011 at 15:20

    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA I feel the same way about Telly!! Nervous sonofa…and Elmo? Too hype (how he became a phenomenon with that tickle me shit I don’t know. Grover- side eye…he WAS funny as the waiter…as Super-Grover? not so much.
    I’m mad you said Olivia was ghetto! hahahahahaaaaa Cookie monster’s eating disorder and Count’s OCD HAHAHAHAHAAAAAAA
    On a serious note though they DO need to leave well enough alone. I don’t think they need to change the classic.


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