Good Times

03 Sep

I just posted a pic on my Facebook wall of some of the shows I saw while in New York on vacation and the theme song for “Good Times” popped into my head. I was feeling good about my vacation particularly since I saw Janet Jackson in Minneapolis and was close enough to see sweat glistening on her arm and see her lips quiver during “Again”. Focus Stefan!!!

Oh Yeah,then I saw War Horse (where an old schoolmate Jude Sandy is in the cast) followed by Audra McDonald & Norm Lewis in a preview showing of Porgy & Bess The Musical (AMAZING!) and capped off with Sister Act. I didn’t expect to like the last one as it was a last minute choice since I was unable for the fourth time to get tickets to the Book of Mormon, but I was blown away at how much I enjoyed it. Sister Act is some serious fun and entertainment.

So as I was basking in my euphoria and humming the “Good Times” theme it was then I realised that i never knew the actual lyrics to it. Just the words “Good Times“.

So I googled them and well..see for yourself:

Good Times Theme – Dave Grusin & Andrew Bergman

Good Times. 
Any time you meet a payment. 
Good Times. 
Any time you need a friend. 
Good Times. 
Any time you’re out from under. 

Not getting hastled, not getting hustled. 
Keepin’ your head above water, 
Making a wave when you can. 

Temporary lay offs. 
Good Times. 
Easy credit rip offs. 
Good Times. 
Scratchin’ and surviving. 
Good Times. 
Hangin in a chow line 
Good Times. 
Ain’t we lucky we got ’em 
Good Times.

How depressing are those lyrics?

It just goes to show that you put a happy spin/music on anything depressing and people will like it. I have listened to this song for years during its run and I always assumed it was a happy empowering song. How wrong was I?

Temporary layoffs? Scratching and surviving? Hangin in a chow line? Jeez, these people had it rough.

Then I remembered the ending theme:

Just looking out of the window, watching they arkjdsf for soooo. Thinking how it all would end in time

(Well that ‘s how I remember it)

Here’s the real lyric:

Just lookin’ out of the window.
Watchin’ the asphalt grow.
Thinkin’ how it all looks hand-me-down.
Good Times, yeah, yeah Good Times


Watchin the asphalt grow? Err WTH!! How does asphalt grow? These people were poor and ignant too?

Sigh I guess some things are better left in the past the way you remembered it back then.

I remember thinking how funny “Family Ties” was and then I saw an episode a couple of years ago and wondered what the hell made me laugh about this show? It was boring….


Anyway, let me go back to being happy about having a GREAT vacation and getting to rest alot. The moment I realised that I was having fun and feeling really blessed was the morning of August 18th when I was sitting in a Starbucks in Mall of America, Minneapolis and felt a little verklempt.

I still owe you all a blog on the Janet Concert but the three versions I have written so far are insane and just make no sense at all. I’ll try something this weekend and see if this one is coherent.


Have a good night!

GOOD Taiiiiii I eee aiiiiiii eh eh emmmmmms!

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