Tik Tok

04 Sep

In another life, I swear that I am going to be a skilled worker. You know them..the carpenters, electricians, mechanics, builders and most importantly PLUMBERS!!!

Forget the degrees, the MSc, BSc, MA, PhD…forget all that crap. When you have a technical skill, the world is your BITCH!!!

How is it that they can have you waiting for HOURS and then show up and do whatever they feel like and leave? And if for some reason, their money isn’t immediately present, they want to throw a hissy-fit.

Really? Did you see me throw a hissy-fit when your black ass arrived three hours late? Did you see me choke the living daylights out of you when a 2 hour job took three days to fix? Did I deduct money from you when you had my equipment for TWO WEEKS and you only started to work on it the day after I called for an update?

Noooooooooo I didn’t!!

Now you either drive with me to the ATM to get your money or just tell the Devil “Hi” for me when you go home!!

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