For Your Consideration –

07 Sep

It would be around 1995, a gangly boy is riding his bicycle up and down the UWI Campus humming away at the music in his Discman and just enjoying life. Ah those were the days. The days when I could order a Personal Pan Pizza and Cheesy breadsticks from Pizza Hut for $20 (for Delivery) and be content.  

I had heard a song from Vanessa Williams called “The Sweetest Days” and was mildly interested in it.  I remember casting it aside as one of those songs that would be played in every High school Graduation now and for years to come.

Then, one evening on Milner Hall, while trying to study in the common area, I would strike up a conversation with a fellow Milnerite and he would chastise me for my lack of love for the song (It would be the first of many conversations/arguments on music). He would also suggest that I take a listen to the entire album. 

Being very cocky and self- assure of what I thought was good music (at the time), I ignored his advice on this particular matter.

Vanessa Williams? Vanessa the Undresser (as she was known back then)? Err nope. I’ll pass.

Cut to a couple years later and this Milnerite and I are having another conversation on music and he brings up the point that I still haven’t listened to the Vanessa Williams Album called Sweetest Days.  He recommends a few tracks beyond the released single that I didn’t care for and also tells me that Sting is on one of the songs. This time I decide to take a listen.

What I heard was sheer brilliance. A beautiful soothing voice being layered over some amazingly well written  songs and not one instance in which the melody or mood was being forced down your ear drums.

I bought that album and wore it out and in 2006 purchased another copy of it (which I still play).



Track Listing:

  1. Intro-Lude
  2. The Way That You Love
  3. Betcha Never
  4. The Sweetest Days
  5. Higher Ground
  6. You Don’t Have to Say You’re Sorry
  7. Ellamental
  8. Sister Moon
  9. You Can’t Run
  10. Moonlight OverParis
  11. Constantly *******
  12. Long Way Home

If you are still hesitant to listen to the entire album, then by all means please ensure that you listen to the tracks in bold.  Of utmost importance is that you listen to the song “CONSTANTLY”.  Oh and if you like “the Sweetest Days” then you will love this album.

I never doubted Matthew Wilson’s taste in music after that. Well, Kylie Minogue still raises slight issues for me but that is another fight for another time.


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2 responses to “For Your Consideration –

  1. swissmattstorm

    September 9, 2011 at 03:16

    Never doubt me…as i don’t doubt you..after all you turned me into a Mraz-fan…
    still classic…after all these years


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