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Saturday afternoon saw me in a slight panic as the girl who normally operates the lights for the show was a no-show due to “domestic problems”. She’s only 21 and I decided not to ask what the hell that could mean (nor did I really care).

Anyway, I stare at the lighting board and I am praying for the Lord to give me “Sight beyond sight” to understand this contraption that she operates. Thankfully she left the notes to all her lighting cues and the precise levels each light should be at so my mind started to ease a bit.

Normally I am the one calling lighting and sound cues while she just executes my orders. It is not power trip but feels like you are creating a moment of magic when the two coincide and the stage looks amazing.

I digress (as usual)…..

I am going through her notes and I stumble across a word that I didn’t understand.


HUH? What is that?

 Is this a cue I am missing?

No, it can’t be.

Sound cues are letters and Light cues are numbers.

So what does this mean?

I looked over at my condensed note version of the show to see if it would make sense. And there it was…..







Sound /Light







End of Scene

Floods to full. Corridor light only






Wade in the Water






No you are not going crazy and nor am I.

That is exactly how she spelt the word. Please know that it was written very neatly and there appeared to be no hesitation by the writer of the word to putting it down.

I showed a couple of people what she wrote and I was going to take a pic of it and I was advised that I have humiliated enough people on my blog already with pics, so I need to let this one go.

The Director said, “Well maybe she wrote it down the way she pronounced it.”

I concurred.

Then I told the director the story abut the girl who tried to add me to Facebook and her middle name/alias was “Lianess”.   She laughed but we both found the trend disturbing.

Is it that no one bothers to learn how to spell in this day and age? Is it that the new generation prefers to abbreviate everything and every word to make excuses for the inability to spell?

Granted, I know some people that despite their numerous degrees, can’t spell to save their lives but at least they still find it easy to ask someone the spelling of a word before writing it down (or make their handwriting slightly illegible so that one cannot determine the exact series of letters being used).

How do we fix this problem? How do we help our young people speak properly and in turn write and spell at an adequate level?

Look at the conversation below that came up on my FB feed once. This people are over 25 (That’s all I will say).

An FB Conversation:

FL: A we have a deul.

AT: lol wait na i nuh home yet like half 9

AT: yeah yuh dey awa pull tru

FL:  vybes

AT: name or GTFO

FL: 2011ink

AT:host or GTFO

AT: dogfacekillah btw lol

FL: aight i host

AT: accept or GTFO

AT: wam dan

FL: yh so lik my aunt gangster me for my shit


If that conversation makes sense to you then I think you have a career in linguistics or I am just getting really old. After seeing it, I quickly checked how one of these people  actually became my friend on Facebook and when I realised why, I shook my head and said….sigh Family…Can’t kill dem

What are we to do when a simple phrase like “It’s no a problem” or “No Problem” is replaced by No Scene  or No Seen (depending on where you went to school).

And what is this stupid new thing about adding “–ment” to the ends of words. Sleepments, Workments, Beachments (I am sure they use a “Z” instead of an “S” but my old brain can’t wrap around those concepts as yet).

Can someone help me here?

OH Yeah I forgot..

The Director, who is an accomplished Stage Manager and a Jack of ALL Theatre Trades, worked the lights that night while I just concentrated on the sound board and calling the cues. Disaster averted.

Prayers answered.

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You Don’t Know Me (Unrequited Love Hangover…)

This is my first night in my apartment before 10pm in like a month or more.

I have been Stage Managing a play called Rabbit Hole that premiered last weekend at Trinidad Theatre Workshop and runs two the next two weekends….so my time hasn’t been my own. (Shameless PLUG for the Play –RABBIT HOLE TTW)
Anyway, I get here after the gym (no story there) and I put in a CD at random and it turns out to be Jann Arden’s Greatest Hurts. I only came across this artist due to my weird and totally unexplained love for My Best Friend’s Wedding and the fact that her song “You Don’t Know Me” appears on the Soundtrack. Every time I hear the song, it takes me to a pure place of love and understanding.

My pure place lies in the realm of unrequited love. I find that songwriters have a knack for penning some of the most beautiful songs when it comes to this topic.

While she never made a video for it, it is still one sweet sweet song..

No you don’t know the one Who dreams of you at night
And longs to kiss your lips Longs to hold you tight
Oh I am just a friend That’s all I’ve ever been
Cause you don’t know me

Sigh.. How can you not love that song.


It got me thinking of some other songs of unrequited love and that caused me to smile and humm out loud..

  1. My Eyes Adored You – Franki Valli (I’ve sang this to so many people under my breath)
  2. I Can’t Make You Love Me – Bonnie Raitt / George Michael (Hits home everytime)
  3. I’m Confessing – Lizz Wright (Just haunting…..)
  4. Giving Everything Away For Free – Daniel Merriweather
  5. I Who Have Nothing – Shirley Bassey/ Jordin Sparks version
  6. To Make You Feel My Love – Adele/ Kriss Allen (One Day I will sing this in a concert)
  7. Alone – Heart
  8. Iris – Goo Goo Dolls (big chune!!)
  9. On My Own – from Les Miserables (Don’t roll your eyes)
  10. I Want You – Janet Jackson (she has to be here)
  11. Constanly – Vanessa Williams (I just keep on thinking of you)
  12. All I Ever Wanted – Mariah Carey (More than you could ever know..all I ever wanted…is YOU)
  13. I Wanna Be With You – Mandy Moore (bad memories attached to this but hey)
  14. I Love You – Sarah MacLachlan (I grieve in my condition for I cannot find the words to say..)
  15. I Want You – Marvin Gaye (just  like buttah)

Well that’s all that came to mind. I know my list is piss poor but me likey it a lot…..

Unrequited love is a unique position. There is no disappointment in it. You love from afar and it makes total sense. Then you get to know the person and start to wish again for the fantasy and then everyone else around around you chimes in after it ends….

.. “Me aint know what you saw in dem, nah. I thought you went mad, oui

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I Never Knew……..

Today, in my attempt at cooking, I discovered that apparently Golden Ray (Cooking Margarine) has an expiry date. Not that I was going to use Golden Ray in my meal but in opening the fridge I saw it and wondered how long had it been there…..

Well the expiry date said 12SEP09…………

I don’t want to even think about how long I had it before the expiry date but the mere fact that it is still in my refrigerator after all is time is typical me… I hardly throw away anything and I have a tendency for forget about stuff in there that I hardly or barely use.

Come to to think of it, I know I have used that Golden Ray in the last year or more…Hmmmmm

Anyway I ventured in the Freezer (Deep Freeze for the Trinis) just to take out some frozen veggies and I see a stick of Bland & Cookeen on the Freezer door. (Why do I have Cookeen in my Freezer will remain a mystery to me because I only started my attempt at baking this year…Anyway.. just look at the expiry dates in the pic…

Do you see those expiry dates?

I also discovered that I have two opened bottles of Creole seasoning. One in the fridge and the other in a cabinet.

I shudder to think what else is lurking around in there that is expired. Goodness know a few months back I discovered expired Coconut Milk Powder, so go figure.

I needs to get me a house keeper/ maid. As times are getting tougher and there seems to be no end to this curfew, I need to start eating at home more often. And I don’t mean making a Peanut Butter sandwich or microwaving Hot Wings from Pricesmart or those Pot Sticker things that I swore made my blood pressure rise…..

(HEY Pricesmart yuh need to order more of those wings. It’s been two months since I was last able to purchase them! Thanks…)

Oh well, here I go, off to the kitchen to complete my Baked Chicken Breast (no sauces), and  Vinaigrette Salad…


Sigh.. I know I have to thank GOD that I am still alive in the midst of all this madness….

BTW – Honestly. Do you think Golden Ray really expires? I highly doubt it.

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How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

So there I was, in my car, on a Saturday afternoon, heading to a rehearsal for a play called “Rabbit Hole” that I am stage managing for and this song comes on that causes me to suffer a mild migraine (as if those ever come in the mild form).


Now the song started off nice and simple with the first voice doing his “speak/sing” style, which is somewhat acceptable, even though it wasn’t doing the song any favors. Then it happened, enter  the second voice, a woman, and she began to wail and scream and riff in inappropriate places and one could not understand a word she was singing, but her voice was distinct enough that I knew the offender right off the bat. I know some people will call me sacrilegious for this but it needs to be said




Phew there I said it.

She butchered her way through what was already a mediocre song that was initially done beautifully by James Ingram and Patti Austin. How Do You Keep The Music Playing is a nice lovely song that you hear at weddings, “Back in Times” parties, your parents’ house parties and occasionally on some Sunday night radio program. You must be familiar these Sunday night radio programs. They are the ones where at the announcers suddenly slow their speech patterns and lower their voices (vocal register) to give the impression that they are sexy but since English well standard English is not their native tongue, they just sound retarded. And don’t get me started on the callers to their programs:


“Hello GUHNITE! Ah just wanta say that I is guilty of loving meh man, Biscuit!”

“Can you play dah Whitney song I will always love you for him…?”

“Maam you know dat song is about losing someone “

“Nah daz me and meh man SONG!! We make Kai-esha to dah one!

“Oh ok, I’ll play it for you and Biscuit!”

Sigh..sorry I went off on a tangent there. Let me get back to my rant.

 Where was I?…….Oh.

ALBUM: Duets II – Tony Bennett

Offending Song: How Do You Keep The Music Playing?

Offending Singer – Aretha Franklin

Now I know there are some diehard Aretha fans out there but this lady has not changed her singing style since Ronald Reagan was in office. It’s the same breathy wailing, screaming nonsense that she has carried on with for years.  It isn’t getting better and I cringe EVERYTIME I hear her.


I have one of her Greatest Hits Album (seen here) and it is filled with some sweet sweet music and it was reminiscent of a time when she actually took instruction from the producers and she made some beautiful arrangements that did her blessed vocal cords absolute justice.

Angel, Giving  Him Something He Can  Feel,  Until You Come Back To Me , You’re All I Need To Get By, and Love All The Hurt Away just to name a few.  She sings those like buttah and you appreciate the power and CLARITY of her voice and the emotions she conveys with every note.


Cut to 2011, and her voice has become that of cats in heat. Loud , annoying and never–ending. What happened?.


The clearest moment to me when I knew that this lady should stop singing or actually employ a vocal coach to help her steer her amazing voice in a different direction was in 1998 at the Grammy Awards when she butchered “Nessum Dorma” and the whole world seemed to cheer that she took on the song…..blah blah blah blah… It was awful!!!


She has sung at hundreds of functions since then, including at Obama’s inauguration in 2009, but I refused to even listen to her sing then and there hasn’t been any desire to even youtube it. Sigh….For such an amazing voice, why is it she thinks that there is nothing else to learn?  Her treatment of music these days is tantamount to me trying to cooking a gourmet meal (messy, awkward and it is not going to be well presented). 

If I am to try and understand what is going on, I would say that in her being given the WELL DESERVED title The QUEEN OF SOUL she has let her creativity slip into an area where people should be appreciative that she has sung in their presence or walked into a room. In this day and age, every royal person should know that continued respect is earned and ruling by fear doesn’t work anymore. 


There will be no one as wonderful as her in terms of music but slowly her presence and stature is being diminished with mediocre performances that leave the new generation of music wondering what the hell were these older folks listening to back then. 


While Aretha will never be forgotten in history, I still need her to show this musical generation that  lip syncs, dances, and auto tunes almost every song  the sing that there is a reason she was given the title and that no one alive today could even come close to removing the crown.


Oh And the Duets II album isn’t bad at all. There are some collaborations that are really nice. Among them the ones with Amy Winehouse, Lady Gaga, John Mayer, Mariah Carey (Amazing! Almost didn’t recognise her voice coming to the end of the song) and Sheryl Crow to name a few.


It’s not a must have but it doesn’t hurt to include it in your musical collection.


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Sigh.. I am ashamed at how much I like this song….. I have obviously given in to the Illuminati and their attempt to pollute my mind with the Devil’s music……So I apologise up front.

As much as I like the song and video, one must admit that it is not her most original or catchiest song. It does however seem to inspire a disgusting feeling called “happiness“. Let’s try to forget the lovey dovey feeling it inspires as well.

I digress….The song has a lot of help to make it so sweet.

One such example is that I really like that groove she used which samples Jonathon Butler’s “Lies” (Yes she sampled!!!). She did speed up the groove but it is unmistakable where it came from. (Yes I know she is not the first to sample a song so keep that hate rhetoric you were about to write me on to yourself!)


And not only did she sample music but I think she did it to the video concept (a tad bit). When I first saw the video, it reminded me alot of one by New Edition called “If it Isn’t Love”


Now after I watched it, I could not see a lot of similarities but it was the first video that came to mind when “Love on Top” began. The location and back-up dancers concept sweating in a rehearsal space just jogged my memory to that video.  Hmmm, I wonder what New Edition is doing now?

Please don’t be sending hate messages about me not understanding the greatness blah blah blah of Beyonce and that I am just jealous. Please remember that I actually like the song and that all I am doing was pointed out the other music that i felt inspired it……

So please,Beyonce fans,,,,,don’t try to spit in my eye if you see me in the road, because I will beat down a n#$*^..



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That Particular Time

I took a trip back to 2009 (through pictures today. It was a time in March when I vacationed in Barbados. While I had taken over 400 photos and 6 picture folders from that trip, there are some simple shots that I took that jogged my memory more than the pictures of people or food that I ate that particular time….

I will always thank my friend Matthew for introducing me to some amazing places in Barbados that despite me living there for 2 -3 years prior to this trip (2000-2002), I only saw them on this trip.

BTW: I still miss that Fuselli Pasta from that place in Hastings that I can never remember the name of……lol

There would have been a time when taking a picture stressed me out and sharing them was even a greater issue. So whether touched or untouched, I love them all. These are my memories…and they serve me far too well…..

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Truth Is…

In the quest to become less overweight or to be classified something better than Obese Category 1 by a BMI Calculator, I embarked on a diet and exercise program. Diets aren’t really my think as I eat relatively healthy and have a lot of fibre in my diet etc.

Alas, I eat too much and at weird times. I know the fitness gurus tell you that your last meal should be around 6pm or for the latest 7pm but really……these skinny bastards obviously don’t go out to dinner nor do they have some measure of a social life other than the gym. While eating late, I will avoid heavy foods like pasta etc, but if I  am hungry, I will eat ah food!

Sigh.. story of my life…eating….

So in the vein of cleansing the body of toxins, I’m here to confess my chubby boy sins/ quirks (as i don’t think they are that sinful)….

This is not asking for your forgiveness or judgement (which you will give anyway) but just to let you know the things that normal people do.

Chubby Boy Confessions

    1. I get weak for Peshwari Naan
    2. Me love “Apsara” with all my chickens!
    3. Chicken is a Vegatable
    4. I refuse to eat Lima beans (I was beaten to eat them so no more)
    5. I dislike Good Friday because of this memory
    6. I can resist doubles but not cheese pies
    7. Cheese bread (pao de queijo) is a magnificent creation by Brazilians (It’s like buttah!!)
    8. Drinking a lot of water dilutes the sugar content from cake/ice cream (leave me alone with my delusions)
    9. Know Restaurant Menus after one visit
    10. Rarely orders something different at restaurants (unless trying to impress someone)
    11. TGIF’s Shanghai Chicken Salad is a winner (for me)
    12. Peanut Butter will ALWAYS be on my diet.
    13. I rarely have desert after a meal
    14. Desert can be a meal for me
    15. Cake….Cake….sigh Carrot cake from Rituals always hits the spot.
    16. I don’t share it.
    17. Will have pasta any day over rice (yuck!).
    18. However, a mean pelau will win any day of the week!
    19. Fucelli pasta…..
    20. Each country I have visited/lived normally has at least one dish/item that I must eat when I make a return visit.
    21. I miss Living Water Community’s Lasagne! (Excellent but way too oily!)
    22. I scorn anyone who has to put ketchup and mustard on a pizza. (Savages!)
    23. If you recommend XXL clothing to me and it is not followed by “Our sizes are smaller than normal sizes” then you are in line for a beat down.
    24. I am a tad racist when it comes to the purchase/consumption of certain foods from local eating establishments. (Not when it comes fine dining or eating at someone’s home though)
    25. I make no apologies for my use of condensed milk for my coffee. It’s the only thing additive that doesn’t bring on bowel movements.
    26. I use a tablespoon full for my coffee. (Don’t judge me!)
    27. I only have one cup a day.
    28. A whole rotisserie chicken is nothing to consume in one sitting.
    29. Nor is a family size pizza
    30. I don’t do that anymore (I get comatose – ethnic fatigue at an unbearable level)
    31. My cooking skills are limited.
    32. My ability to place an order food is finely tuned.
    33. I always have food containers in my car trunk. (Just in case)
    34. And a jersey or two for moments where I may perspire more than usual.
    35. .I rarely eat from strangers. Go figure!!

And. that’s the story of Bert’s blanket….

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