16 Oct

Sigh.. I am ashamed at how much I like this song….. I have obviously given in to the Illuminati and their attempt to pollute my mind with the Devil’s music……So I apologise up front.

As much as I like the song and video, one must admit that it is not her most original or catchiest song. It does however seem to inspire a disgusting feeling called “happiness“. Let’s try to forget the lovey dovey feeling it inspires as well.

I digress….The song has a lot of help to make it so sweet.

One such example is that I really like that groove she used which samples Jonathon Butler’s “Lies” (Yes she sampled!!!). She did speed up the groove but it is unmistakable where it came from. (Yes I know she is not the first to sample a song so keep that hate rhetoric you were about to write me on to yourself!)


And not only did she sample music but I think she did it to the video concept (a tad bit). When I first saw the video, it reminded me alot of one by New Edition called “If it Isn’t Love”


Now after I watched it, I could not see a lot of similarities but it was the first video that came to mind when “Love on Top” began. The location and back-up dancers concept sweating in a rehearsal space just jogged my memory to that video.  Hmmm, I wonder what New Edition is doing now?

Please don’t be sending hate messages about me not understanding the greatness blah blah blah of Beyonce and that I am just jealous. Please remember that I actually like the song and that all I am doing was pointed out the other music that i felt inspired it……

So please,Beyonce fans,,,,,don’t try to spit in my eye if you see me in the road, because I will beat down a n#$*^..



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2 responses to “Strange……???

  1. tamariez

    October 16, 2011 at 22:57

    I just heard for the first time last week, the thought/theory/conspiracy (not too sure the correct term) that a satanic cult is controlling the music industry… kind of interesting to check in to.. not too sure if I believe it though.

  2. Mandy Bennett

    October 21, 2011 at 16:28

    I agree with you – the song DOES evoke happiness (even though her cd makes me feel guilty that I HAVE contributed to the Illuminati reference lol)
    A LOT of her stuff is not original but because it is Beyonce she is equivalent to the Holy Grail to her Bey-stans. The video images behind her at the Billboard awards ( was not an original concept…AFTER someone busted it wide open, she admitted to re-doing the version from some Italian pop star (for Run The World)…google it if you care that much lol
    She IS talented, dedicated and a heck of an entertainer (not actress lol)…and for that I am always intrigued.
    Lmao @ “don’t try to spit in my eye if you see me in the road, because I will beat down a n#$*^..”


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