I Never Knew……..

23 Oct

Today, in my attempt at cooking, I discovered that apparently Golden Ray (Cooking Margarine) has an expiry date. Not that I was going to use Golden Ray in my meal but in opening the fridge I saw it and wondered how long had it been there…..

Well the expiry date said 12SEP09…………

I don’t want to even think about how long I had it before the expiry date but the mere fact that it is still in my refrigerator after all is time is typical me… I hardly throw away anything and I have a tendency for forget about stuff in there that I hardly or barely use.

Come to to think of it, I know I have used that Golden Ray in the last year or more…Hmmmmm

Anyway I ventured in the Freezer (Deep Freeze for the Trinis) just to take out some frozen veggies and I see a stick of Bland & Cookeen on the Freezer door. (Why do I have Cookeen in my Freezer will remain a mystery to me because I only started my attempt at baking this year…Anyway.. just look at the expiry dates in the pic…

Do you see those expiry dates?

I also discovered that I have two opened bottles of Creole seasoning. One in the fridge and the other in a cabinet.

I shudder to think what else is lurking around in there that is expired. Goodness know a few months back I discovered expired Coconut Milk Powder, so go figure.

I needs to get me a house keeper/ maid. As times are getting tougher and there seems to be no end to this curfew, I need to start eating at home more often. And I don’t mean making a Peanut Butter sandwich or microwaving Hot Wings from Pricesmart or those Pot Sticker things that I swore made my blood pressure rise…..

(HEY Pricesmart yuh need to order more of those wings. It’s been two months since I was last able to purchase them! Thanks…)

Oh well, here I go, off to the kitchen to complete my Baked Chicken Breast (no sauces), and  Vinaigrette Salad…


Sigh.. I know I have to thank GOD that I am still alive in the midst of all this madness….

BTW – Honestly. Do you think Golden Ray really expires? I highly doubt it.

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One response to “I Never Knew……..

  1. Mandy Bennett

    October 26, 2011 at 15:44

    I had to click on the pic to really check it out…2007!!???? Nah jed, remind me NOT to ever eat from you! lol smh


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