31 Oct

Saturday afternoon saw me in a slight panic as the girl who normally operates the lights for the show was a no-show due to “domestic problems”. She’s only 21 and I decided not to ask what the hell that could mean (nor did I really care).

Anyway, I stare at the lighting board and I am praying for the Lord to give me “Sight beyond sight” to understand this contraption that she operates. Thankfully she left the notes to all her lighting cues and the precise levels each light should be at so my mind started to ease a bit.

Normally I am the one calling lighting and sound cues while she just executes my orders. It is not power trip but feels like you are creating a moment of magic when the two coincide and the stage looks amazing.

I digress (as usual)…..

I am going through her notes and I stumble across a word that I didn’t understand.


HUH? What is that?

 Is this a cue I am missing?

No, it can’t be.

Sound cues are letters and Light cues are numbers.

So what does this mean?

I looked over at my condensed note version of the show to see if it would make sense. And there it was…..







Sound /Light







End of Scene

Floods to full. Corridor light only






Wade in the Water






No you are not going crazy and nor am I.

That is exactly how she spelt the word. Please know that it was written very neatly and there appeared to be no hesitation by the writer of the word to putting it down.

I showed a couple of people what she wrote and I was going to take a pic of it and I was advised that I have humiliated enough people on my blog already with pics, so I need to let this one go.

The Director said, “Well maybe she wrote it down the way she pronounced it.”

I concurred.

Then I told the director the story abut the girl who tried to add me to Facebook and her middle name/alias was “Lianess”.   She laughed but we both found the trend disturbing.

Is it that no one bothers to learn how to spell in this day and age? Is it that the new generation prefers to abbreviate everything and every word to make excuses for the inability to spell?

Granted, I know some people that despite their numerous degrees, can’t spell to save their lives but at least they still find it easy to ask someone the spelling of a word before writing it down (or make their handwriting slightly illegible so that one cannot determine the exact series of letters being used).

How do we fix this problem? How do we help our young people speak properly and in turn write and spell at an adequate level?

Look at the conversation below that came up on my FB feed once. This people are over 25 (That’s all I will say).

An FB Conversation:

FL: A we have a deul.

AT: lol wait na i nuh home yet like half 9

AT: yeah yuh dey awa pull tru

FL:  vybes

AT: name or GTFO

FL: 2011ink

AT:host or GTFO

AT: dogfacekillah btw lol

FL: aight i host

AT: accept or GTFO

AT: wam dan

FL: yh so lik my aunt gangster me for my shit


If that conversation makes sense to you then I think you have a career in linguistics or I am just getting really old. After seeing it, I quickly checked how one of these people  actually became my friend on Facebook and when I realised why, I shook my head and said….sigh Family…Can’t kill dem

What are we to do when a simple phrase like “It’s no a problem” or “No Problem” is replaced by No Scene  or No Seen (depending on where you went to school).

And what is this stupid new thing about adding “–ment” to the ends of words. Sleepments, Workments, Beachments (I am sure they use a “Z” instead of an “S” but my old brain can’t wrap around those concepts as yet).

Can someone help me here?

OH Yeah I forgot..

The Director, who is an accomplished Stage Manager and a Jack of ALL Theatre Trades, worked the lights that night while I just concentrated on the sound board and calling the cues. Disaster averted.

Prayers answered.

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