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Best of Me (Movie + Music Lists)

Here are a couple of my year end listings on 2011 and what it was like in my universe!

That is…The degree to which I either smiled internally or sighed deeply (with rolling of eyes simultaneously) out of frustration.


This year I purchased 50 CDs as opposed to the 88 last year. I barely had time to listen to music this year but it is getting harder to find good music you can sink your teeth into and make an actual connection with. I found myself liking songs more than albums and couldn’t understand the lack of good music that was characteristic of this year. A lot of new names and old faces make my for this year but out of the lot, here are the few worth mentioning

Songs That Hooked Me!

  • Pumped Up Kicks – Foster the People (how could you not like it!!)
  • Blow – Ke$ha (Yes, I am ashamed)
  • Heaven – O.A.R.
  • Nothing – The Script
  • Rumor Has It – Adele
  • Skyscraper – Demi Lovato
  • Raise Your Glass – Pink & The Warblers version
  • F**king Perfect – Pink
  • Super Bass – Nicki Minaj

Songs That Rode my Second to last NERVE!!

  • Cheers (Drink To That)- Rihanna ( UGH!!!)
  • Born This Way – Lady Gaga (Yuh mean Oh Geed!!)
  • Jason Derulo/Taio Cruz (which ever one they pretending to be right now)
  • Motivation – Kelly Rowland (the video did not save it)
  • Friday – Rebecca Black (Need i say more?)

Favourite Albums -2011

Adele “21” – If this wasn’t on the list I need to be shot!!

Sara Bareilles “ Kaleidoscope” – I bought it last year but listened to it non-stop this year. Sweet catchy album!!

Original Broadway Cast “The Book of Mormon” – Those South Park guys hit a home run with this soundtrack!! Every song is infectious.

Demi Lovato “Unbroken” – Was expecting fluff but found an album that is not half bad to listen to and Skyscraper just seals it for me

Glee: The Music presents The Warblers – After being bored by hearing Lea Michelle belt every number on the other CDs, Darren Criss’ voice on this one is a breath of fresh air.

Katy Perry “Teenage Dreams” – She needs to thanks somebody for such an unexpectedly good album. This could not be all her work.

Pitbull “Planet Pit” –  This is really catchy and well produced.


Jill Scott “ The Light of the Sun” – Looks like it went out. Apart from Hear my Call and So in Love, I had no connection with this album whatsoever and the latter song was a stretch at best. It hurt deeply

Beyonce “4” – Just for starting the album with 1+1 she deserves to be here.  Love on Top is a good apple in a barrel of rubbish.

Kelly Clarkson “Stronger” – I don’t know what this album is but somehow her widely panned album “My December” seems like Grammy Award winning material over this pile of something she put together here.

Joss Stone “LP1”Karma is a sweet track but her voice sounds the same raspy shouter Baptist way on every song. She is wasting her instrument and needs a new producer to give her more depth.


Please note that there are a lot of movies this year that I haven’t seen but out of the ones I did see here is my quick review:




The Help I Am Number 4 The Mechanic
Sherlock Holmes Adjustment Bureau Sanctum
Warrior Limitless Unknown
Rise of the Planet of The Apes Wimpy Kid 2 Paul
Drive Hanna Hangover 2
Rio Super 8
Fast Five CaptainAmerica
Thor Cowboys & Aliens
Bridesmaids Final Destination 5
X-Men First Class Fright Night
Transformers 3 Colombiana
Horrible Bosses The Thing
Harry Potter 6 -Part 2 Puss-In Boots
Friends With Benefits Tower Heist
Real Steel Breaking Dawn
Muppets Happy Feet 2
Mission Impossible 4  The Expendables
In Time

Then the Rest



Sucker Punch Season of The Witch
Scream 4 Beastly
Green Hornet Red Riding Hood
The Eagle The Smurfs
Arthur Immortals
Priest Big Momma – Like Father Like Son
Pirates of The Caribbean 4 Tyler Perry- Big Happy Family
Green Lantern Conan
Bad Teacher  Your Highness
The Adventures of Tin Tin
Arthur Christmas
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Comfort Zone

Ah Christmas! That magical time where we all throttle off to church for Mass to remember the birth of Jesus and then come home to ask the children: “Let’s see what Santa brought you?” Sigh.. umm weren’t you just in church? Why are you lying to people already? Awww…..that magical time where we forget the true meaning of Christmas.


I say this because I always forget the true meaning of the holiday when I receive gifts. I have no problem giving gifts and honestly and I don’t expect gifts in return and nor should anyone feel obligated to give me one (because then it turns gift giving into a chore). But on the off chance I do get one, I turn into this 9-10 year old that can’t wait to open up his presents and be amazed at what he has gotten.

I say 9-10 years old as I think that was the last time I actually got a gift that I went GAGA over…

Fuji Disc Camera

No I lie., I got a BMX bike at 13 (got banned from using it by Boxing Night) and at 14 I got a Fuji Disc Camera (they don’t exist anymore but I used to love that camera a lot).

As I got older, my presents for Christmas usually came in the region of food. Yes, I see the shock on your faces; I did say FOOD.  There is not a hurt caused by a bad present that a nice warm minced pie or warm sweetbread with peanut butter or a couple pastelles can’t soothe away into oblivion. 

Sigh if only the hurt of people was easier to get rid of this way.


I make mention to this as I got what one would call presents on Christmas day that had me moving straight for comfort food. I swear sometimes it is as if these people do not know me and haven’t been riddled with my sarcasm enough that they don’t try harder at presents..Sigh…


After you read below, you can only draw one conclusion:


I have been naughty all year and Santa therefore didn’t get me anything.



I am at home on Christmas Eve, trying in vain to wrap presents but I can’t seem to find any of the THREE pairs of scissors that are in my apartment. My attempt at using a ruler and a knife to cut the wrapping paper was a disaster (so too was the use of an envelope opener). In the midst of this chaos I get a call from a friend who asks if I am at home because they want to pass to drop off my Christmas present.

Immediately my heart starts to race as this is an unexpected present and also it will give me the opportunity to give them their present (which was wrapped in the mall because the attendant in the store offered to do it).

I get the gift and hand them theirs and they light up immediately and speed off. I spend all of the journey back upstairs into my apartment trying to decide if I should open it now or on Christmas Day.  We know who won.

I opened it and there it was…a disappointing present.

“Another One?”, I thought to myself.  

My 10 year old self stood there crushed, hurt, wounded to the core, as I looked at the present which basically said that this person took no time or effort to even think about getting me something.

At this point you must say that I am ungrateful. Well I am!! And let me tell you why. 

I get a call at 12:30am Christmas Morning thanking me for my present (I will not disclose what it is because getting someone a PUMA laptop bag is not important at all and only shows how shallow I am). They then asked what I thought of my present. I was silent for a bit and then I uttered:

The Wallet? Oh It’s nice. It’s just like the one you gave me LAST YEAR! Only this time you took it out the box that it came in!!!

There was silence on the phone and I felt an apology coming and I halted it by stating that I was wrong in being so ungrateful. I thanked them for the gift and told them that I had no right to be so sarcastic. I just got a “Merry Christmas Steffy” and the line went dead.

Yes, YES I know…There is a Special Place in Hell for me!

COMFORT FOOD: I immediately took at some sweetbread and Smuckers Peanut Butter (All Natural) and warmed it up. Eating two slices of the bread so early in the morning wasn’t wise but it dulled the pain tremendously



My Mother means well and she will always be unable to do any wrong in my mind. She has a heart of gold and every child in the neighbourhood loves her to death and the presents they get. Unfortunately, her children seem to get neglected as a result. I guess it must be easier to buy toys for kids than stuff for adults (Yeah I’m gonna stick with that answer).

I arrive at my mom’s house around 10:30am Christmas Morning with belly in hand and 8 Tupperware containers in the car (3 are allocated to this house but that can always change).  We begin breakfast and so I am stuffing my mouth with souse, ham sandwiches, beef pastelles, some sorrel, and grapes as far as the eye can see. All is well and right with the world. I am full and so my chakra is centred and neutralised.

I gave everyone in the house their presents and there were smiles all around. My mom turns to me and says that she has been really busy and so she didn’t get chance to wrap my present, then she reaches into a black bag and says:

Mom: Which Plaid Shirt do you like? I bought one for you and one for your brother! You wear plaid right?


My Sister:  I told you he doesn’t wear plaid.

(SILENCE – TV playing in background people staring at me waiting for a response).

Mom:  Stefan?

Mom:  Stefan? Say Something!

Me:     (I swallow) I like the one on the left

Mom:  Yuh know that is the one I actually said you would like.

I grin and give her a hug.

My sister looks at me and giggles. I walk to the back bedroom without even touching the shirt and sit on the edge of the bed. I keep wondering why after all these years does it still phase  me that my mother insists on shopping at DETOUR!  At least it’s not a t-shirt but a XXL plaid shirt. Oh JOY!!!

I sit and wonder what I have done wrong as only a week ago I gave my mom two garbage bags full of old clothing for her to give away to charity. Did she not look through the items? Did it not occur to her what my taste in clothing would be? Did she not see presents from previous years in the garbage bag? I guess not!

COMFORT FOOD: So I sit at the edge of the bed and inhale three pastelles and a ham sandwich. One would NEVER have guessed that I had eaten just a mere 15 -20 minutes before.  I had a short nap right after because  there was no way my body was going to digest all that food with me conscious and watching television or something.



I also visited my father later on the evening, only to be questioned when was I going to lose all that weight. I smiled and ask politely where the roast beef was being stored and that I had brought a special container for the callaloo. I was then reminded that my younger brother goes to the gym every afternoon like clockwork and is look slim and trim!  Did you say you had pastelles for me too?


These stories, my friends, represent the results of my sins for the entire year.  Apparently, I did no good this year and therefore my penance is bad gifts. Getting no gifts doesn’t hurt at all, as my expectation is geared towards that reality. But to lull me into a false sense of wonder by telling me I have a gift and then laying one on me that showed you barely thought of me for all of two minutes?.. Well that crap kinda hurts…


How come I can’t get use to disappointment after all these years?


As I write this, I am eating grapes. I am all worn out of pastelles and my bread intake has been in excess of the legal fat boy limit. The 8 Tupperware containers are still full of food as I haven’t eaten at home since Christmas Eve and I don’t expect to heat anything up until probably sometime in January.

Whatever the result, I’ll be fine.

Oh I did get some nice presents otherwise from sources that came out of the blue and one of these is really cool.

 The best gift however, came from my God Daughter, Kai, who hugged me tightly after she received her gifts and told me, in the sweetest two year old voice ever , that she loved me. I melted like butter after that. There was no need for comfort food at that point.

I was full!!

How was your Christmas?

Do Tell!!

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525,600 minutes

525,000 moments so dear

525,600 minutes….How do you measure?

Measure a Year


(Yeah I went there!)

In the case of 2011, I can measure it in terms of the photos taken or in terms of the plays done this year or heartbreaks (two) or weight loss (none), in movies, in music or in terms of written blogs(73 so far).

No matter how I measure it, it was one HELL of a year!!

Here are some of the highlights for me –

RENT – QUEENS HALL March 17- 20 2011(Musical)

Probably the most important thing that happened to me this year is that I got to play Tom Collins in RENT. I still can’t get over being on the stage and actually singing “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” and just feeling the emotion flooding through me in each moment I did it.  I will NEVER forget that feeling.  

 Rehearsals were brutal on some days but long in all.  I began the year rehearsing every day til 11pm and weekends for 6 – 8 hours in Presentation College in San Fernando. I had no life back then but RENT. There were moments during rehearsal where I just couldn’t stand to be around these people but never once did I want to quit because THIS was my dream and no one was gonna play Tom Collins no matter how much better a singer they thought they were over me. Pffft…..

I walked away from that experience both fulfilled and emotionally drained at the same time. I walked away with new friends, new admirers, new haters, new lovers (physically and mostly emotionally). I regret no kisses (LOL!), no cuss outs and no alleged dances moves that people may have seen on or off the stage. All in all I got a deeper understanding of who I am and how FREAKING much I love to PERFORM!!!


SMILE ORANGE – Little Carib Theatre July 14-24th (Comedy)

One of the Executive Producers of this show saw me in RENT and made me an offer to be a part of Smile Orange. I didn’t even hesitate to jump on board! This would be a rough flight though as I ran straight into rehearsals for this show in late April after barely resting from RENT.

Smile Orange Cast

Reviews for this show weren’t good at all and most were directed at my character (and rightly so, it was a poorly developed farce of a character). I blame myself for this as I didn’t like the character nor did I make an effort to insert me into it, i just did as directed and got depressed when the reviews came in.  it didn’t help that my costume had me donning a Royal Blue Jack, Light Green Shirt, White pleated Trousers and a Bright PINK cravat with Red shoes!! I looked like a right TWAT in it and felt that way! 
It took awhile for us to find our groove within the production. There was always something about it that some audiences didn’t like but by the time we performed our last show in Mayaro, we were a well oiled machine and it showed. It is still a very funny show and once again I was so proud of being a part of it.  As with any production, there are some people who I would love to work with again and others who I would rather cut my wrist than be on another project with.   SMILE!!!



Have you met the latest potential heartbreaker on the scene? I met him in July when his parents came to Trinidad for a visit and introduced me to the sweetest boy with the most amazing smile and laugh you have seen in ages!!!


Once again, I could not resist the call of being his god-father! Now all we have to do is figure out how I am doing these Trans-Atlantic gifts!!!

I took a deserved break after Smile Orange and concentrated on my REAL job as it was sort of being neglected a lot during the first six months of the year.  This would be reflected in my boss’ comments during my annual performance review where he questioned if this (work) is where I wanted to be. I quickly pointed out that I took no sick days during any of those productions and work did not suffer. He understood that but felt that he didn’t have my 100% attention. Sigh, you would swear we were in some kind of relationship…. I just smiled and told him that we were good.


After Smile Orange, a short relationship I had entered into ended rather abruptly. I could blame myself for the end since I had requested it, but one must always remember that it takes two to tango and one to realise that their dance partner was faking it the entire time. There would be no more attempts at relationships for me for the rest of the year. My blog on August 10th – In a Very Unusual Way… was my attempt at dealing with that. All I got out of that relationship is how much I now can’t stand to hear Daniel Powter. Thank goodness his music sucks so much that he will never make another successful album (fingers crossed).


During this rest period I journeyed to New York and ended up sleeping for the first three days I was there. I also travelled to Minnesota to see Janet Jackson In Concert. I can still recall how my heart was racing as the video for “Control” played and the crowd just started screaming her name (not me. I was silently hyperventilating). Then she came out and all restraint left my body and I joined along in the frantic screaming and jumping up. Briefly, the inner child was allowed to play. He disappeared a minute later when I realised that I must look insane jumping up. Sigh… Love will never do without you, Janet!

I stayed at the Hilton, had a sweet room and had sweet seats that I could see the sweat dripping off of her. Sigh…

While my credit card still hasn’t fully recovered from that excursion, I enjoyed every single minute of it, while getting to see a new city and being close to the one woman whose bath water I’d drink in a heartbeat!! (No not really…I am not that crazy (whistles).

 RABBIT HOLE – TTW Belmont Oct 21-23, Oct 28-30th, Nov 4th-6th (DRAMA)

I returned home to find the country under a State of Emergency and the area where I lived, under curfew. This was not fun! Every discontent I could think of surfaced during this period. Not because of the curfew ( because I barely go out anyway) but simply for the denial of human rights and the apparent lack of direction the Government seemed to have in the execution of this drastic crime reduction measure.

Then my friend Giselle Langton called me as asked me if I could be the Stage Manager for a play she was directing called “Rabbit Hole”. I had sworn to myself in August that there would be no other productions for the rest of the year.

Scene from Rabbit Hole

I said yes to her and therein began my most difficult task of coordinating actors props and sets into one cohesive unit. Thank goodness I had help but when one has to be there before the actors arrive and there after they leave; one misses the feeling of just being the actor in the production instead of this stressed out person coordinating everything else. 

It was a worthwhile learning experience  but I doubt I will ever try to repeat it. “Dat ting was REAL hard!!!”  Rabbit Hole also marked the first time I saw my pictures appear in the newspapers. It was a weird feeling to see the pictures and keep wondering to myself, “Did I do that?” Felt good though.

Then, well to top it all off, I saw Heather Headley in Concert and well I still haven’t fully recovered from that musical treat! Sigh.. It has been a really good year.



When I purchased my Nikon D90 in December 2011, I was so scared to hold it in my hand for too long. I spent most of January cuddling it and when I did venture to take pictures, I was totally disappointed in the output. Of course, most people will say that I am just being hard on myself but I guess it was just nerves about using the camera for the first time.

Now I can barely put the camera down and I have learnt so much about it and its uses that I am well on my way to being a decent photo-take-outer. Thanks to hiking trips, Model Shoots with Legacy Fotography, my first Wedding gig and random shots from all over the place, I think I am beginning to understand the itch I feel when I sit still sometimes and just see photog moments just flashing in front of me.

I was like that at the Heather Headley Concert. I sat there seeing so many possible shots of her and how good they will look but not being an authorised photographer meant I could get booted out for trying to take a picture. SMH! I swear at times my eyes were clicking as If I could take a picture with it and process it later. If only someone could develop that technology, beyond just me seeing it on Mission Impossible.

I’ll publish a blog with at least a photo from every month this year (It’s just a lot to sort through and embedded maybe some memories that i wish I could delete but for whatever reason, I can’t part with it.

Well that’s some of my 2011 memories for now!

There are some that are still too personal and others like the Cleaner who was coming on too strong and who mysteriously got transferred to another floor. These are some things that my brain would never let me forget.

How was your 2011?


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The Invite!!

Ever since November 8th when I walked into my boss’ office and saw this invitation on his desk, I knew I could not miss this once in a lifetime event.

At that time, I politely asked him if i could get the invite since he had already told me that he would be out of the country in December. I grabbed it and went back to my desk where my co-workers realised that I had a smile on my face and therefore they assumed someone was suffering somewhere in the building. Alas that was not the case.

Two hours later, he returned to tell me that his wife wants to go and that he will see if he can get me a ticket too. The smile left.

Over the next two to three days, I walked into his office frequently and basically “bullied” him into getting me a ticket for the event. So it came as no surprise when I got a call from someone at BG about a ticket, I had no problem bringing the smile back to my face.

Then the ticket came….

Cut to last night, December 17th 2011, where I sat in Row 11,Seat 25 and witnessed a true PERFORMER take the stage and captivate me from her first note.

She began her set with the song “Home” from the Musical “The Wiz”. it is a favourite of mine and it is one of those songs that someday I hope to sing and get to convey the same meaning it had for her. She made that song her own. She caressed it and nurtured every note that played. When it came time for the final note, I knew I had gotten my money’s worth and that everything else she did that night would just be a bonus.

I am still amazed at her voice and the power and the force it wields but nothing can capture the beauty and soul of Heather Headley. She is an artist that recognises and appreciates her fans and the people in her life. This Concert was more than a home-coming for her, it represented a way to say “Thank You” to the place that molded her. The place that prepared her for the journey to greatness; Trinidad & Tobago did all that.

More than just the singing and the intimate feel you got with each small story she told, you left that concert with the belief that you just met a really really nice person who just happens to perform with Andrea Bocelli  on request and who Elton John calls up to say “Hi”. This is Heather Headley. This is an artiste with a blessing in her heart besides the voice that is a by-product.


I could go on an on about last night and analyze each song done but let me just say that when Eddie Cumberbatch came out and sang “The Prayer” with her (a song she has sung with Andrea Bocelli like over a hundred times), and you heard their voices collide (no that’s not the right word);..their voices formed a new instrument (still not it but it will have to do) that raised pores in every crack and crevice of that NAPA Auditorium and many a tear in the audience, you just had to rise and give praise at the end of the song. I still don’t think people in Trinidad & Tobago realise the level and amount of talent that courses through our veins. I was moved.

Don’t get me started on her version of David Rudder’s “The Hammer”. I am still trying to describe the vibe and the laid back soul/kaiso groove she used that worked so well and yet the audience didn’t really know what to do with it. I know for a fact there was toe-tappng and head bobbing but it was very restrained. Please note that she sang the ENTIRE SONG in Standard English, no use of dialect at all. It sounded strange in the beginning but it worked!!

It wasn’t – “he used tuh use it to pong ah pan” but “He would use it to pound a Pan”

I do wish that I had her for much longer than the ninety minutes she performed. It is purely selfish reasons actually as I had hoped to hear more music from her albums than the four songs she did)

I Wish – Audience of One

I Wish I Wasn’t – This Is Who I Am

In My Mind – In My Mind.

If It Wasn’t for You Love – This is Who I Am 

The Encore song of “If It Wasn’t For Your Love” was unexpected and made my heartsong want to take flight over its sheer majesty and the genuine emotions that flowed out of her as she sang it. I swear that she almost broke down while singing it and it is understandable if you have ever listened to the song.

“and oh the wonderful surprise
to have a light so bright it blinds, it blinds my eyes 
but finally I see, how it feels to live a dream
but would i have touched the sky 
ever flown so high 
ooh,not i, if it wasn’t for your love
your love…”


Thank you Heather Headley for a magical night.

Only pic I took

I now realise that I should stick to humming because I can’t SING like that!!.



Thanks to Giselle & Gerelle who worked Backstage, I was able to get a souvenir from Ms Headley. It’s a tad bit creepy but I was grateful for it.


The Souvenirs - Her Back Stage Water Bottles...


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I may have told this story before but every year around this time I am cursed with the recurring memory of my mother shouting to me one Christmas Eve night in 1986:

“Yuh see YOU! You are a SELFISH child! Just Selfish and Ungrateful!”

A speech was given after this introduction but like every Charlie Brown Christmas Special all I heard after that was

Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah Mwah…..Nothing else stuck!

I won’t go into the reasons she called me selfish except to say that I was not appreciative of the gift I had received that Christmas.

Move forward to 2011 and I just don’t bother with Christmas nor do I even expect gifts from anyone at all. 

Every year, I get the same excuses that I get for my birthday:

You too hard to shop for and me aint have no setta money to be buying up stuff for all kinda people

My response: So I am now all kinda people? Nice!


I just don’t bother anymore.

Apparently it is ok for everyone to be selfish but if I demand attention, I am the one that is not understanding or appreciative of people…LOL, and people wonder why I live alone and love it!!!!

Anyway, I realise that every year people become more and more selfish around Christmas time but in their eyes, they just believe that its their of enjoying the Christmas Season to the Max.

I had the privilege of being a part of a Children’s Christmas Party put on by the Unit my office falls under. We went to Pt Cumana Primary Government School on Saturday 10th December and threw them a Christmas Party. It was fun (well as much fun as a room full of screaming children can be).


During the organising process, the team leader for the party suggested that we get extra gifts for the event, just in case other children come along to the party. I quickly raised my hand and said that it should not be done as we need to stop feeding the “Gimme Gimme” mentality from an early age. My comment was shut down as they thought I should grow a heart before speaking about children like that.


In my wisdom I couldn’t understand how someone who doesn’t go to the school could come to a party they weren’t invited to and expect a gift. It boggled my mind.

I am glad no one took me on. Cut to the day of the party and with the arrival of Santa, you saw kids with eyes beaming and all smiles. As each name was called, you saw some kids light up and others had worried looks on their faces as if they believed their names would not be called. I actually had to comfort a couple kids when I saw their faces morphing into wailing banshees…


That day every kid got a present and all were happy. It was a weird feeling to see the happiness in their faces. Even the ones that didn’t belong to the school got a present and didn’t care. Once they heard their names, joy was in their hearts. I was touched.


I would ignore the fact that one kid on seeing that he received a book and some comics, threw it into a corner and sucked his teeth (He was 14 and in Standard 4). And another dropped her present somewhere and went to maco other kids presents and on returning could not find her. She walked up to Santa and told him that she lost her present and so she needed another one to go home with. Sigh… Kids say the darndest things..

There was also the bully who kept pushing kids in the bouncy castle and taking their stuff while they were eating it, but on the sight of Santa, he started to scream and ran to his mother for protection.

The Bully!


Anyway I mentioned this event because when we got back to work on Monday, our Group Head sent out an email congratulating the two organisers of the event and everyone who took part. However, only the two organisers names were mentioned and a group of people started to complain that they worked so hard and deserved the recognition.  Then one let it slip that they only attended the event so that on their Performance Appraisal Report they would have done some Community work.

Jigga WHAT!!

I was livid!  I was on my feet for over 5 hours taking pictures of these low levels demons that kept either pulling at my camera or insisting that I do mini photoshoots with them and their friends.

The Camera Puller!!

I was accused of not being a very good photographer; his daddy is better. (Steups!!) One even tapped me on my bottom and told me that it real big and she walked away laughing hard. (Alas I could not express my weight issues to the child, she would not understand, but given the size of her mother, I knew karma would return to her later on).  Anyway, my point is that I did this because I wanted to. I didn’t do it for accolades or for my appraisal form; I did it because I like helping out.


I never realised is that this is the common mood of people around Christmas time, they are just super-self serving bastards!  To appease the disgruntled masses, my immediate boss gave instructions to issue a free Movietowne Ticket pass to each of the people that helped out on the day. I refused mine on the account that I am always there anyway and like the “opium of the masses dictates” – My reward is in heaven.


On another note, A friend had told me about a co-worker whose daughter had a hole in her heart and that the father was busy trying to raise money for an operation. My friend had put forward an idea to the person in charge of the Christmas party that they take $50 out of their $225 per person allocation for the party and give it to help the guy with his funding raising exercise.  The organiser loved the idea but when she put it to other staff members they flatly rejected it saying that the organisation doesn’t give them much and so they want a good party.


Really? That was the response?


Oh yes it was. So ignore the fact that most people who attend Christmas functions don’t eat much nor do they drink a lot either (It is just one or two that drink til they are drunk and embarrass everyone else); they however need to see the food go to waste to prove that they had a good time. 

This however doesn’t apply to me as no matter where I am I make friends with the caterers as I am a single man and a few pastelles, samosas, quiches with ham and turkey slices can go along way in preventing me from cooking on a daily basis.

I have therefore given up on the goodness of man and their ability to do the right thing. I was once told by someone that the magic of Christmas means they can’t lie to people on Christmas day. Yeah right! So for the other 364 days it’s ok?

Where has the love gone?

Where is the true meaning of Christmas?

Did we ever know the TRUE meaning of Christmas?

Were we always pretending?

Every year, I get the nice emails/text messages from family members who will remain nameless and it always talks about what they want.  I laugh at each of them because they always start off saying that they don’t need much for Christmas and then the list goes on about alternative gift suggestions should I not be able to get the item that they really want!

In the end, I still get them something though and it is mainly because my mother told me 25 years ago that I was SELFISH and UNGRATEFUL!

I know some of you remember me complaining about getting Detour T-shirts for Christmas from my Mom and therefore think that I should be appreciative, well my basic problem with the gift is that there was no thought put into it.  She walked into a Detour outlet, saw aSaleonJerseys, (probably 3 for $100/150) and bought them and proceeded to give one to me, one to my brother and they other to my step dad.  That required no thought at all. Was I not even deserving of someone actually shopping around and coming up with a present for me alone?  Somehow more time is devoted to children and gift giving than on adults.

Please remember the song said: To kids from 1 to 92 (and not 19 as I previously thought)…

So here am I, stuck feeling guilty all this time while everyone else is…well…you know how you are……

So no matter where you are or what you believe: 

Happy Holidays,

Merry Christmas

Shub Naya Varsh

Feliz Natal

Froehliche Weihnachten

Joyeux Noel

Buone Feste Natalizie

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