Excerpt from a BBM Conversation(Sunday 10am):
AA: Morning
Me: Morning! Slept Well?
AA: Yes, Short Though. Was up watching Sci Fi Channel
Me: Ok. Any plans for the day?
AA: Well i’m going to the market in awhile then going to do some “light” spiritual purification.
Me: How do you do light spiritual purification? Confession?
AA: I transmit a purifying and spiritual healing energy.(10:04am)
AA: You got silent (14:42pm)
AA: Gave three people light and did market
AA: Hello? Anybody there (17:26pm)

Is it something I give off? Is it something I do? Why is it that I ALWAYS meet the crazy ones?

My spider sense did tingle when we met previously but because of our interaction was limited, I didn’t fully explore the reason. I just put it down to me being difficult when new people enter my group of friends (I am territorial like that).

However, at this lime, she seemed insistent on speaking to me and asking random questions. My sarcastic responses did not seem to halt her questioning and she kept laughing and randomly touching my arm or poking me for no reason. I ignored these actions but intermittently asked her to stop touching me so much as I am uncomfortable with too much human contact.

Coming to the close of the night, she kept asking for my BB pin and despite my attempts at avoiding the subject she became insistent and so i gave it to her. To ensure that I didn’t gave her a wrong pin she insisted that I message her immediately once confirmed. Sigh…I had to pretend something was wrong with my phone so that I actually had a to give her the correct pin.

Then I have that conversation early Sunday morning…..

What? I know God doesn’t give us more than we can bear but…come now! This? I get to meet a travelling Gypsy/ mystical healer/ mad woman? What are the odds?

Honestly I think if you are going to tell people about your spiritual energy healing powers, then I think it is a conversation you have after a YEAR or more of knowing the person. I even think a year is too soon.

Now don’t get me wrong I am not doubting anyone’s healing powers but I am just not ready to hear about it or be party to it.

I actually found myself praying and asking God to cleanse me from any evil that may have been transferred while she touched me on Saturday night.

Am I wrong to be skeptical or this paranoid?

I don’t really discuss religion or supernatural stuff with people because my views are not always fanatical like most people. Mysticism, clearing of chakras etc I try to leave for television shows and whatever program I am watching. If I want to cleanse myself, a dose of sennekot will do the trick or some good ole fashioned  prunes.

Call me old or ole school but I like my women troubled and insecure with a dash of attitude. I am not ready for those with mutant abilities beyond trying to decipher what I am thinking or why I am so scared of committment. Jean Grey, White-lighters etc, please stay away.

My Two Cents…

3 thoughts on “EnLIGHTened

  1. smh…lol… poor you… but dont worry i have met my fair share of crazies and worst yet converters… have I ever asked to be converted or tried converting you!!! Ok so respect my space… Stefan boy you need to learn how to say no….

  2. hahahahahaha #DEAD!!! And THIS is the reason I have an imaginary boyfriend. I cant with these crazy ppl, they bring me down off my natural high!!!

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