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Our Version of Events


Tight like Crapaud Bamcee”,

Set in my ways” –

These would be words that have been used to describe me at various times in my life. However, this weekend in Tobago for its Jazz Festival, I learnt that I am so uptight and rigid at times that if someone had stuck a coal in my ass, by Sunday a diamond would have been formed.

Let me explain.

I had asked a few of my friends if they wanted to go to Jazz with me in April. All had excuses and one even mentioned having to “wash their hair”, so I was going to make this trip alone. Lo and behold, an acquaintance of mine, told me that he would be going and if I wanted to tag along with him and his friends it would be fine. My neurotic side was against this premise but I ventured into the arrangement since I told myself that I needed to be more out-going.

What started off as me and 5 other people in a villa turned out to be three people (initially) in a one bathroom apartment in Sandy Point Village. This wasn’t the time share part of SandyPoint, so accommodations were slightly run down and there we no doors to the rooms containing beds. I was ready to get anal but I was on vacation so I need to chill.

Anyway, here is the series of events.


10:00am – Arrived in Tobago, Rented a car. Headed to Sandy Point

11:00am – Apartment has one bathroom (Note to self: Schedule bowel movements to coincide with showers)

12 Noon  – Lunch at Sandy Point– Burger & Fries took forever to arrive.

1:30pm  –  Head to Store Bay. Opted to walk even though I wanted to take the car.

3:45pm  –  Back at Apartment. Showered. Water is not draining properly.

4:00pm  –  Maintenance man comes to apartment and tells me there is nothing he can do about drainage. He leaves. Never to return or fixed drainage problem.


Picked up LG from airport (acquaintance). Informs me that BM (other person staying with us) missed his flight. He will try to get on a later flight.


We head to Penny Savers to stock up on stuff. Only alcohol, juice and water purchased. LG says he is on a liquid diet over this weekend. Guess the three bottles of wine he purchased makes that clear.


LG informs me that we may have an extra person staying with us who will not be sharing in the cost of the apartment. His friend, Rebecca, has no place to stay but she wants to see Janelle Monae so she got on a flight to Tobago and has been on the beach since 10am.  He says he can’t leave her stranded.


We meet Rebecca at Store Bay. She left her luggage by Mike’s Resort (even though she barely knows the people there but they agreed to help her). We collect it and a look at her luggage reveals that her suitcase is large and packed to capacity.


We arrive back at the apartment and I tote her luggage upstairs. Dis damn thing real heavy. Rebecca says that everything in there is important for her process.


One bathroom just became an issue as she has commandeered all the shelves in the bathroom with her products (Pennywise must love her). Rebecca, says she is grateful for the help as she didn’t know that she would be coming until she did someone’s hair the day before. I remained silent at the comment. She also announced that she has a free ticket to the concert tonight.

7:30pmConcert Start Time. We are still home. Other paying flatmate hasn’t gotten a flight as yet and well Rebecca left around 7pm to go to the beach to get her towel that she left there. (Again I am quiet).

7:45pm – Rebecca returns with another girl in tow, Camille. Camille has walked with her stuff to change for the concert. They begin to get ready. Eh?


We pick up paying flatmate who has just arrived. He still needs to bathe and get ready. We left the girls getting ready.


We are still home. I am climbing walls and these people are drinking and smoking.  I haven’t eaten since lunch time and there seems to be no sign of us leaving for the concert that has started TWO HOURS AGO.

9:50pm –

We leave the house

10:05pm –

Arrive at Pigeon Point Heritage Park. I am starving and head straight for the Food Court. Before I can even decide what I am eating, they announce Emelie Sande is about to perform. Sigh….. I guess being hungry for another hour is not bad.

11:10pm – Emelie’s amazing set finishes. Her voice and music is brilliant but she needs to work on stage performance. I rush for food. I had burnt corn soup and the nastiest  tasteless wings EVER from some place called Traditions… Where the hell is the goodTobagofood? I’m pissed.


Barrington Levy comes one and tears up the place!. He is amazing and the crowd doesn’t want him to leave. The producers had to intervene to remind him of his time limit. It was GREAT!!!



Janelle Monae enters and makes magic on stage. I am mesmerized at her stature, voice and sheer force on stage. She didn’t sing “Oh Maker” but other than that I will be fine.


I am told we are just going home to change to head to the club called Shades. Umm my MA (mudder ass) tired.  Rebecca went back stage and we haven’t heard from her.


We are home and they all are smoking and drinking in anticipation of going to the club. Rebecca says that she will meet us at the club.


We are at Shades. Rebecca is there with Janelle Monae’s band. WTH!!! Did I tell you that she got a pic with Janelle Monae? She waited an hour for it but she got it!


Partying is over. We are in the road buying food when someone tells LG that Plymouth Street Fest is happening now and that there is really good food there. LG gets excited. He turns to me all excited. I think the words, “Nigga you must be mad” came out and he got the hint.

5:47am – BED!!!


I am awakened by LG who tells me everyone else is up and they are hungry for pancakes. I am confused as to what this has to do with me and my sleep but I realise the sun is too hot for them to walk.

12 Noon

We are still here. No one has moved since I was awakened. No talk of pancakes happening. They are all drinking beers. Rebecca has returned from the beach and announced that she is going back to Trinidad tomorrow. So she is heading to airport to change her ticket. (is that a smile in my heart happening? Nope it’s hunger)


At Store Bay, having Miss Jeans food with LG’s co-workers.


Arrived at Mount Irvine for Jazz. This sun too damn hot!!! Camille informs me that I will have to take her back to her hotel around 4pm as she has to do someone’s make up for a Gospel Concert later. Camille is cool. I don’t mind at all. Rebecca calls to find out where we are as she is NOW heading to the airport to change her ticket. (Err where was she all the time?)


Mt Irvine Jazz was nice. Good Vibes. Great Music. We are on our way back to the apartment. There is talk of going to a Fete called Fringe at Dillons for around 10:30pm.


Bamboo Grill for Dinner – AMAZING FOOD!.


Rebecca, who has spent the entire day at someone else’s apartment, waltzes in and infomrs me that I need to wake her up at 9:30pm as she has three places to go befor eshe arrives at Shades later.


I wake her up but she doesn’t budge.


They are all awake but no movement to get dressed


Rebecca awakes from her slumber and announces she is only going to Shades. Hmmm


1:00am – We arrive at Fringe but don’t go inside. They declare it is boring and just hang around outside for 45 minutes. (I technically was supposed to meet my friend Nicky there for 11pm but Nicky doesn’t seem to be phased. She understands people are operating onTobagotime. I am not familiar with the concept ofTobagotime.


SHADES! Rebecca tried to walk in to the club as if she had been there before but was braced. Surprise, Surprise!! She didn’t walk with any money.

3:30pm – Am I having a stroke or am I actually dancing up in here?

5:45am – BED!!!

9:30am – Why the Hell am I up? Sigh..They have already begun drinking and Rebecca has disappeared for the morning already.


We are at Store Bay for lunch with Miss Trim’s. Dumplings Stew Pork and Callaloo. I’ve had much tastier meals in Trinidad.

12 Noon – Everyone declares that they are tired and need to sleep because the concert starts at 4:30pm. LG vows to be ready by 5:30pm. I told him we will all leave by 6:30 given his track record.

4:30pm – Everyone but Rebecca is asleep. She is preparing for the concert.

5:30pm – Everyone else gets readyfor concert. I discover my car keys are missing but the car is still there.

5:40pm – Camille took up the keys and went back to her apartment, but she will be back by 7pm? I smile.

6:15pm – I am walking back from Camille’s apartment withthecar key.

6:28pm – We all leave for the concert. We pass to pick Camille up.

6:34pm – We are back at the aprtment as BM forgot his ticket.

6:45pm.- At concert but rain is falling very heavily. Not amused.

8:15pm – Cecelia Eloizalde comes on and bores me…

9:00pm  – ARTURO!!! Tears it up and brings down the rain again!!!

10:15pm  – David Rudder – My hands are up in the air singing “St Anns, St. Anns, We mad! We Mad! We Mad! We more than mad! St Anns!”

11:30pm – Angie Stone (Was okay but I wasn’t interested in hearing her new album tracks Rich Girl etc)


1:00am…. We are back at apartment and people are packing. I am trying to fall asleep with all these damn lights on.

6:00am LG and BM head to airport. Rebecca announces she is leaving when I leave. (She has no idea when that is)

9:00am – I tell Rebecca that i check out of the hotel at 10:30am. She tells me that she will be switching rooms at that time. I say nothing because i know this girl has no money.

10:30am At Check out desk. Rebecca appears with her luggage and tells the receptionist that she is storing it here until her flight later on today. (She has no confirmed flight back and says she won’t worry about being on Stand-by). She tells me that we need to hook up in Trinidad and hang out again. (She must be mad!)

11am – Drop Car off. and head to Airport.

11:30am – My flight has been pushed back to 1:15pm. So I head to Store Bay for one last Dumpling and Stew Pork. Rebecca is on the beach there, tanning. (she is as dark as I am).

3pm –  Home Trinidad. Need to rest. Hardly slept in Tobago.


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