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How I Know You

Work Phone Rings at Desk

Me: Hello

Caller: Yeah hello ah looking for Simmons

Me: Speaking

Caller: Yeah dis is Ancil….we grow up together. You and yuh brother used to be by Aunty Dolly

Me: I don’t know an Ancil nor an Aunty dolly

Caller: it was a while ago when allyuh was young. Anyway ah calling yuh cuz yuh BROTHER tell me where u working and he said you might be able to help me

Me: Really?

Caller: Yeah i just need a $700 borrow. You go get it back Monday.

Me: So why don’t you pay whatever you have to do on Monday?

Caller: Nah it due now and since we come like family ah know you go help me out.

Me: Sir I don’t know who you are and i don’t even lend money to family.

Caller: Yuh could lend it to me. How we grow up and ting I aint go shame yuh cuz yuh mother and uncle know meh. Plus ah go give you meh ID to hold til I pay you back on Monday

Me: Sir I am sorry to say but I cannot help you .

Caller: But yuh brother say you could help me

Me: Did he now? So why didn’t he help you?

Caller: Cuz he say he aint have no money

Me: Well that is my case as well and i really don’t know you or remember you.

Caller: Call yuh brother and he will tell you who I am. Call meh back in a five when he tell you who i am. Ah trustworthy!

Me: I will call my brother but it will not change my answer.

Caller: ok

I hang up the phone.


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