21 Jul

  1. SUPERSTITION: I don’t get the 9 Nights thing and why you gotta put a candle or two in the road in front my house. Are you lighting the dead’s way to where? My house?
  2. DO YOU THINK I’M SEXY?: The answer is always “Yes” especially when in a crowd of women even when you think differently. #savealife #mine
  3. STEAL MY SUNSHINE: My attempt to go to the beach every day this week but ….
  4. RAIN: How my week off can be summed up in song….
  5. SABOTAGE: Uber driver telling me he is cancelling the trip as he can’t find my house when he is right in front of it but visibly has another passenger in his car.
  6. ALL I REALLY WANT: The winning Lotto Numbers and probably a good and reliable mason.
  7. DESPACITO: Must I hear this song EVERYWHERE I go???
  8. OUTSIDE: When you really need to pee but the house is locked up and you feel it coming down and the keys are in the car.
  9. THAT’S WHAT I LIKE: Song makes me dance especially after seeing the video when I know I’m that black guy with very little coordination and rhythm.
  10. LAND OF CONFUSION: When you are leaving “Stumblin” at 1:30am on a Thursday, but people still coming into the spot. Don’t you people have work in the Morning?
  11. FOOL OF ME: Assuming I can wake up one morning and decide to take a flight to Tobago for the day…
  12. JAMMETTE: Seeing Trouble in the road while driving home and seeing her try to beat you back to house. #bringoutthejammetteiname
  13. CONFESSIONS: I miss travelling by maxi taxi and all those passenger/driver conversations . #saidmenever #noeh
  14. MADNESS: A Hotel Taxi Driver telling me that it costs $180 to go from Movietowne POS to Diego Martin and trying to explain to my why paying this cost is better than using UBER, DROP or A regular taxi.
  15. INSANE IN THE BRAIN: I agreed to go to another cooler fete band launch. #savemefrommyself

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