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I think that I need to start doing videos on all the mishaps that happen to me in my life.

I was in  playful mood this morning and this happened:


DZ:  Morning, where is your boss?

Me: Huh? Jesus is always near me

DZ: hahaha Not that one, your human boss

Me: Huh, My mother is in New York. Why are you asking about her?

DZ: Before I beat you with a stick, can you just answer the question.

Me: Can you not beat me first, then I’ll answer

DZ: Boy! Someone is monitoring this conversation!

Me: And now they’ve seen that you threatened me with bodily harm.

DZ: and you sexually harassed me.

Me: Me? I’m not in a position of power to do such.  You are senior to me so my case for harassment/assault is greater.

DZ: I’m not senior to you… Wait.. Oh Sorry Stephan, Wrong window. I meant to message someone else.

Me: So you were sitting at your desk thinking about me and subconsciously messaged?

DZ: Goodbye!!!!!

Now, to me, that was harmless flirting that did not break any rules or make anyone uncomfortable but you never know.

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