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2012 – My Lists (Entertainment)

Not that my lists matter in the grand scheme of things but here is how my 2012 went in terms of movies, music television and books.


I bought over 50 albums this year and it is sad to say but i barely listened to music this year. I don’t know what had me so distracted but i felt as if nothing much was moving me and this year’s crop of tunes were no help. There were alot of cool songs but when it came to albums, well let’s say, i will be buying less and less albums as the years go by and just more songs


  1. Pink – Truth About Love: Pink ROCKS!! She kicks ASS! And this album is a gem amongst the drivel of bad albums I had this year.  Try, The Great Escape, and Slut Like Me are always on repeat.
  2. Emelie Sande – Our Version of Events : While I still believe this album chronicles a break up in all it stages. It is still a refreshing sound from this artist. “Clown” is my favourite song.
  3. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio: Recommended by a friend and loved for life by me. This refreshing Jazz infused album just flooded my ears and found a home within. Lalah Hathaway, Meshell and Ledisi sing on it. Need I say more? Listen to “Gonna Be Alright” featuring Ledisi as an introduction, then hear Lalah’s “Cherish the Day” and stay for more.
  4. Lionel Richie – Tuskegee : I bought this on a slow day and found myself loving the country twang on these remakes of his classic songs. What a way to refresh an artist’s catalogue.
  5. Pitch Perfect Original Movie Soundtrack – Such a great movie and such a fun soundtrack. Since You’ve Been Gone and the Bella’s Finale medley are killer.
  6. Maroon 5 – Overexposed : Solid Album
  7. Delta Rae – Carry The Fire: “Bottom of the river” and its video hooked me and “When Tomorrow Comes” made me buy the album and savour it!
  8. Ella Andell – Bring Down the Power.: While stuck in Piarco Airport for 3 hours waiting for a LIAT flight to Curacao to arrive, I heard this album in its entirety and realised that I have been neglecting the awesomeness of this lady of the soil with a killer voice.


  1. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange : Because of  all the hype surrounding him, I haven’t even taken the wrapper off the album.
  2. Brandy – Two Eleven: Despite the auto-tuned voice all over this album, I enjoyed a few tracks after it got stuck in now defunct stereo.
  3. Heather Headley – Only One in the World: I wanted and wished to love this album more than anything else but it felt incomplete for me and just missing her magic. It’s not a bad album just not my favorite from her. “I Wish” still remains a classic song.



  1. Macy Gray – Covered (A voice can grate on your ears for so long without causing it to bleed)
  2. No Doubt – Push and Shove (Right to the back of my music collection! What the hell was this?)
  3. LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking (and for buying this waste of time album even if it was on sale)



  • Pitch Perfect
  • Argo
  • Life of Pi
  • The Avengers
  • Chronicle
  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • 21 Jump Street – still shocked I liked it
  • Ted – irreverent and hilarious


  • Prometheus – I fell asleep twice trying to watch it
  • Total Recall – I recall it not being this much Bovine Excreta! Kate Beckinsale rocked though!
  • Rock of Ages –still trying to figure out what went wrong with this movie. Oh Yeah it was a really bad Broadway Show!!
  • Dark Shadows! –Ah want meh money back!
  • Savages – See Dark Shadows
  • Taken 2 – took my money is right
  • Tyler Perry movie and actor!! –
  • All Adam Sandler releases
  • The Expendables 2 – so disappointed in this sequel

SIDE NOTE::Let me just state that I refuse to acknowledge how much I liked Breaking Dawn Part 2 but that was mainly because Bella actually had a personality. Who knew being dead improved her insufferable whorish teenage ways!  The Fight scene in the open field is what made me appreciate suffering through all the other awful ones, but I REFUSE to make mention of it on any list!!




  • Scandal (Guilty Pleasure) – You can ignore the over-acting and some unbelievable scenarios and just fall into this drama that keeps you on your toes and your heart racing.
  • Downton Abbey – brings out the aristocracy in us all. The Dowager Countess Lady Grantham kicks ass!
  • Arrow
  • Homeland
  • Duck Hunters
  • The Voice –USA
  • New Girl
  • Mindy Kaling Project
  • Tosh.0 – I cant help but watch this clip show!

Worst – I have given up on you

  • True Blood – I don’t know what this season was about but I’m glad it’s over.
  • Boardwalk Empire – Errr
  • Once Upon A Time – I am lost!
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Enough with the Meredith suffering crap!!
  • X Factor USA – This show is just awful


This is embarassing but out of the 20 books i purchased over the course of this year, i have only fully read two of them.

  • Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
  • Perks of being a Wall Flower – Stephen Chbosky

Both were really good I am also not ashamed to say that the first book is geared towards young adults/teenagers but the writing is so good and takes me back to my love of Greek/Roman Mythology.

Here are the books that I have started but yet to complete:

  • NW- Zadie Smith (My fear is that this will be as bad as The Autograph Man)
  • The Power of Six- Pittacus Lore (Sequel to I am Number Four)
  • The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
  • Look Who It Is Alan Carr My Story – Alan Car (Very funny but still don’t know why I never picked it back up)
  • A Storm of Swords – George RR Martin (I am told it gets really good but I find the pages with Kaleesi to be insufferable and so I keep putting it down)

I would honestly blame my fickle personality to not be able to commit to a book but honestly, there are books from last year i am yet to complete. It took 2 years to finish Midnight’s Children and I still wasn’t over the moon in love with it like most other people were.

Here’s to 2013 and may my focus return so that these lists will make more sense in the future.

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I’m a WHORE – DUH!!

Thanks Mandy for the best blog title I’ve seen in ages!!!

Ok now that I have your attention..

Yes the statement above is true (as if I needed to tell you all that).

This has been a problem that I have suffered with for years but after watching a few episodes of a television show, I decided that it is time to acknowledge who I am. I needto let the world know it and embrace me. No longer shall I hide behind anything. This is who I am and while I am no so proud of it, I know this will make me start the healing process.

Sigh…. My name is Stefan Simmons and (gulp)..well….


I have been in denial about it for years but on Sunday while alone in my apartment, I suddenly realized that I have way too much stuff scattered all over the place and most of it I do not use on a regular basis.

My apartment sees some emasure of reprive when my housekeeper comes over but even she is slightly dumbfounded as to how my apartment can get like this and more importantly, where the hell does she put stuff?

I am proud to say that she manages very well and for at least a weekafter she has cleaned, my apartment looks as if a decent person lives there.

Here is the root of my problem: I am a collector. I am scared to throw away stuff for various reasons:

  1. I think I will need it again
  2. I want to hold onto memories attached to it
  3. What if I am audited or have to return something?

I seem to collect the following things:

Books & Magazines:

I bought the Ipad so that I will help the environment and not use paper (well that was the plan), but I can’t help it when I see a new magazine I want or a book on sale, I just must have it!!! Not every book I see has an ebook version and even so i still haven’t gotten over my need/desire to hold a book in my hand and flip through the pages. Yes Yes i know I need to get over myself but it is what it is. I am weaning off this habit as we speak (although last week i bought 3 new books and one of them i actually had the ebook version of it but still want the hardcover for my collection.


Receipts & Bills:

A long time ago, I lost a receipt for an item I had purchased that didn’t work at all from day one. The company wouldn’t take it back and me hurdling it onto the floor of this establishment and speaking about the maternal anatomy of the company didn’t endear them to want to help me further ( nor have I ever been back there since).

But that was in 2001 and I have grown up since then (hopefully).  So now I throw away NOTHING.  All bills and receipts are kept in a drawer, on the table, on the floor, in my bedroom, in the ktichen…all over (but always near to the item that was purchased). Not even PriceSmart, Hi-Lo and Tru Value receipts are left out.

I felt proud of myself last year when Pricesmart told me that I hadn’t renewed my membership and I was able to go home and pick up the receipt and bring it for them to see (they had credited someone else’s account in error). Of course finding the receipt wasn’t as easy as I made it out to be but at least I had a general idea where it was (I think in my bedroom was a general enough area).

I recently found the bag of bills/receipts from my European trip in 2008 and every visit toNew York, there is a bag with all the related bills (just in case my credit card statement doesn’t match up).

Alas there seem to be no expiry date or “destroy by” date for any of this. This is something I have to work on.


I always get buyer’s remorse whenever it comes to purchasing clothing and unless I’m in a foreign country, returning the item never seems like an option. I always say to myself:

“Why return it? I’ll make it someone’s Birthday or Christmas Present!”

Unfortunately I either never remember the item or I never have someone (in that size) to give it to and so it ends up in the “I’ll wear you when I get smaller” pile or “Why De hell did I buy this” pile. The latter pile is larger than the former because I always see someone in a certain style, buy it and when I try to venture beyond my mirror in it, it never happens. Someone (whose name I will NEVER mention) bought me a pair of skinny jeans and while it seemed like a cool idea, the minute I tried it on, I knew that THIS style would never see the light of day on me.

The only clothing item that i buy alot of and don’t mind hoarding is underwear. Somehow whenever I travel, I MUST buy new udnerwear. So much so that I have over 60 pairs of it and at least 20 pairs that are still to be worn. However one trip toNew YorkorMiamiand all of a sudden there is an overwhelming need to buy new ones. I’m running out of space ot put them and i don’t think that underwear is something you can give to charity.

Oh I have two suitcases full of clothing since 2009 to give to charity that I can’t seem to find the time to remove from my apartment.

Miscellaneous items (Boxes, Pictures, Cd Cases etc)

No matter how I try to get rid of stuff, I seem to collect more as soon as I throw something out.  I now have plastic containers that contain compartmentalized stuff that seem to get filled up in no time. I keep bags, paper and other stuff because somewhere in the back of my mind I convince myself that I will use it in the future, but it never happens.

I have gift paper but I am horrible at wrapping presents. Why do I have it?

I have tools but I barely have those skills to make it work. When did I collect all this stuff?

I store Cd cases yet I have moved the CDs into binders. Why do I still have the cases?

Extensions cords, Nokia phone chargers for models that no longer exist, Stereo connectors, batteries, pens, pencils rulers, staplers ( no staples) and tones of old newspapers. Some of these things are neatly stored away while others are on display as I have no idea what to do with them but I fear that the moment I discard them that I will have use for it.

There are boxes from everything I bought since in 2005. I haven’t put them in the trash for fear that my neighbours see the boxes and assume maco my business (well that’s what I tell myself). I don’t think they care if I have a Fat Slim TV from 2006 nor a Magic Bullet but somehow I can’t bring myself to throw away these boxes.

What am I do to in the midst of all this chaos?

Some may describe my situation as some variation of nesting or “marking my territory” but I prefer to see it as laziness. Laziness to the extent that I am refusing to deal with household issues and duties that used to consume my Saturday mornings as a child.

Either my parents warped by senses totally through my upbringing or I just need licks. I prefer to believe the former. Whatever was deemed to be slave work for me as a child, somehow I rebel against doing it as an adult.

To go into why I do these things would mean entering my mind and I am told it is not a nice place to be with all the million and one thoughts floating around vying for supremacy as my main thought.

Oh well….I see my confession to you as therapy for me and so let the healing begin…..


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Rush Over!

In the middle of the night, reading Small Island by Andrea Levy on my Ipad , I have the Love Jones Movie Soundtrack playing in the background and this song comes on and the bass line just grabs me and then her voice sucks me in…..

If you do  not own this soundtrack, then you are no music lover and should be ashamed. This soundtrack is one of the best!!!

The song is….

Rush Over by Marcus Miller featuring Me’shell Ndegeocello …

I love the line:
Your voice makes me wanna do things..I’m much too shy to say…..


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Being the benevolent and wonderful person that I am (stop laughing), I take pleasure in helping my fellow man in every sphere of life. For example, one of the office cleaners saw a book on my desk last week and asked if I could loan it to her to read. Well what she really said is…

Cleaner: Hear nah leh me borrow dat book on yuh desk. I does read plenty yuh know.

Me: Err Please

Cleaner: Hee Hee Hee. Steforrrrrn why you so? Oh God len meh de book nah.Pleeese (blushing as she says it)

The book in question, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, belongs to a little girl who had a crush on me during a production we had worked on together. She insisted on bringing books for me to read since she had noticed that when not rehearsing, I would be reading. I forgot this one in my trunk and now that the production is over, I can’t seem to locate mother or daughter to return it.

Anyway, I lent said book to the cleaner. I get to my desk this morning and find the book with a note attached.

(SIDE NOTE: I did not forge it. This is an authentic note)


For those who can’t make it out, it reads :

Thanks for the read It’s a shame you refuse to shit where you eat. Wellok:


Hi all, My name is Stefan Simmons and I am a FLIRT!

It is something that I thought was harmless initially but as I get older, I realise that some people seem to take it very seriously. I don’t understand it. It is like a month ago when some people were upset with me because I kissed more than one person in a month. Come On!!! A kiss? Really?

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE to flirt!  It is healthy. It helps you and the people you flirt with have a sense of satisfaction. Plus it spares feelings in a big way (At least so I think).

But I digress…


This said cleaner (who knows my name but I have NO idea what is hers) has been eyeing me for a while. She makes it a point to tell me hello whenever she sees me and within the last month or two has gotten really brave in her conversations with me.  So much so that one evening, when I worked late, she stopped what she was doing to have a conversation with me. During this conversation, I discovered the following:

  • She thinks I am a decent and respectable man.
  • She dated someone in her company and it didn’t end well
  • She used her money and rented an apartment for him and he cheated on her.
  • She is looking for something much more meaningful and she thinks I am a nice guy
  • She is very loving and caring and will take care of whatever need her man has.

Throughout this conversation, I kept telling myself , “Hush, Stefan Hush” but at the end of her rant I could not help myself.

I told her that I understood her dilemma but that she was enabling the men in her life to be dependent and abuse her good nature. I told her that she had no right to spend her money renting an apartment for the guy and that it is obvious that she likes men who will abuse her good nature.

Silence………then she says

Cleaner: But I find you nice

Me: And there is your problem. I am trouble. I will take advantage of you. I see your weaqknesses and know that I can exploit them

Cleaner: What is my weaknesses?

Me: ah just told you. You like men that you know are trouble and will abuse your good heart. You definitely not equipped to handle me. Plus I don’t shit where I eat!

Cleaner: Eh? Excuse me? Wah dat mean?

Me: It means I don’t date or socialize with people I work with. If you had followed my rule that last boyfriend of yours would’ve never happened.

Cleaner: Oh ok. That makes sense. But you can’t fight love.

Me: Ha Ha Ha Ha! That is not love, that is horniness and laziness. You don’t want to go out there and find someone so you pick people that you work with to fall for.

Cleaner: Wow, you harsh yes. Anyway, leh me move before the supervisor see meh. You have a good night Steforrrrn

Me: (grimaces inside at how she pronounced my name) You too.

Previous to the book incident, she had left a note on my desk saying 

“Good Morning Sir. Have a Great Day” 

I had no idea who had left it then but now that I can compare handwriting, I know now.

Now the correct thing for me to do is nip this in the bud and tell her that I don’t appreciate these messages etc or speak with her supervisor and have her moved to another building or something. However, the evil side of me thinks I should flirt even more and make her blush everytime she sees me. Of course this may lead her to think that I’m playing “hard to get” and therefore intrigue her further.

Actually all I  am thinking is that I better stop this because she might knock me over the head one late night in the office and rape me. As I think back now and get scared, I remember one evening she stared at me so hard that I knew I was being violated in the middle of the office with my clothes on.


I think I have a problem with this flirting thing. My belief is that, it is okay to flirt with people as it is better than hurting their feelings. Flirting is harmless and in most instances it can brighten someone’s day.

In my desire to not hurt anyone’s feelings, like how mine were crushed during my formative years by names I wish to call but will not (SNBLRJCPGSFSFDFRPFFBGLC), I fear I may have wounded more people than I thought I was helping. I honestly think I am helping by not saying stuff like:

“You disgust me”

“I would never hook up with you”

“Eww ” “Oh Geed”

“you not my type”

“You are partially my type but dat belly have to go”

“Have you tried a bath?”

I would NEVER ever tell anyone these things (to their face) and because I can’t be mean and upfront like that. Instead, because of my passive aggressive stance I get labeled:


A nasty dutty stinking dog!

An Asshole!!

A Coward!

There are  other names, they are just too graphic to be represented in this forum, but you get my point. When did it become a crime to try and walk away from someone without hurting their feelings?

Then comes the clincher: “Just be honest with me. I can take it!”

Cut to the next scene where I am either running to my car hoping no big stone or pot spoon will hit my glass or I am turning up the radio so no neighbor can hear the sweet cuss-out I getting for being insensitive or I am being blasted on Facebook for being a C U Next Tuesday. How can you win?

I was just flirting! I didn’t sleep with you nor did I promise you a ring or marriage. So how come I am the bad guy?

All of this reflection is bursting through as I try to resolve what my REAL PROBLEM is….

Did I flirt too much? Is there a quota/limit on flirting?

Did I make promises I had no intention f keeping? No

Did I make a move? Nope. Not done

So what the hell did I do? You were too nice!

Oh Yes, I placed the notion of happiness into someone’s mind and they decided to take the thought further in theirs. Oh yes I see it all too clear!

I am the bad guy!!!

So forget the guy who left you stranded after a party or who cheated on you constantly but bought you gifts. Forget, the lies told to you and the times they didn’t show up or when they were angry for no reason. Forget the time he invited you out with his friends and you ended up paying the bill! Forget all of that!!

I am the NASTY person who came up to you, told you something nice and left you with a good feeling inside.  I may have hugged you as well (And boy do I give good hugs!!) but I am evil and nasty.

So let me say from the bottom of my heart that I am SORRY!!!

I vow to stop flirting from now on!!

(Insert Evil Grin here)


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Don’t you think I’m looking older?

But something good has happened to me

Change is a stranger

You have yet to know

-George Michael “Older”


We all know that words have power but jeez I am turning into one crotchety OLD man. Not that I mind, but it is kind of hard at 36 (gulp) when one is single (hoorah), childless (sob), wifeless (indifferent) and homeless (well renting not owning sigh) and you suddenly have no desire to socialize except for the occasional movie release.  Then you see gray hairs in your beard all the time.  Prospects in certain fields of endeavor seem to be distant memories and I have developed an attitude of not really caring about much (or more likely the outer illusion of such).  I have reconciled my present attitude to life to the fact that I partied like a beast when I was younger and now my body is tired and just doesn’t want to be sociable anymore.  Hmm maybe the weight gain has something to do with it? (Yeah right!!)


Between 1989 and 2003, I slept very little.  I partied like there was no tomorrow. There wasn’t a class/lecture, lime, party, social gathering that I did not attend and still had energy to get up early and do what needed to be done. Sleep was a hindrance back then. Now, if I can be in bed by midnight I am in pure BLISS!! My body naturally yawns around 11:30pm and cries to go home. Sometimes I cannot answer the call. Most times I make up and excuse and just rush home to be one with my pillows. Strangely enough, I am up by 8/9am for the latest. What is wrong with my body?


For Example, last Saturday, I arrived at a wedding reception at 5pm (I was told this was the start time) which really didn’t begin til 7:45pm when the bridal party arrived (no comment). Dinner wasn’t served until 10pm (no hors d’oeuvres at all). You don’t even have to ask if I left before midnight.  My hunger had me cranky for many hours and by 10pm it was too late to salvage the night. I got KFC on the way home and devoured it before I had time to park the car inside.


Anyway I say all this because 2009 seems to be my hermit period.  I can’t stand noise, loud music, children playing, dogs barking, neighbors barking – the list goes on and on.  I, however, have been cooking and reading more often and just spending a lot of time with me and I must say this: I Love spending time with ME!!! I ROCK!!!!.



For me, cooking was always a good indicator of your socio-economic level.  LOL!!  No. I joke. Well kinda. When I lived in London, I cooked a lot (boy was I poor then!!) and I am still shocked that when I returned to Trinidad how easy it was to “order out” instead of slaving over a stove.  So when I actually started using the food in my cupboards, I was stunned at the discovery that most of it had expired and others were just in abundance. I mean, who has 20 tins of “Mixed Vegetables”, 4 bags of frozen vegetables, 10 tins of Corned Beef and enough pasta to open an Italian Restaurant?


The Milk, Cereal, Coffee, Rice, Flour, Pasta, Maggie Bouillon, pimentos, carrots, mayo, mustard etc had been in there for a long time. Most of them had passed their expiration dates by more than six months (bows head in shame).


So after re-stocking, I began to cook. I started with simple dishes that I knew how to do (even though it wasn’t always done well):

  • Stewed Chicken with mixed vegetables,
  • Pasta in cheese Sauce,
  • Macaroni Pie,
  • Macaroni Salad,
  • Stewed Beef/Minced meat


Most dishes ended up being macaroni salad and some stewed meat.  It was always tasty to me.


Then I got adventurous and started pulling recipes out of the Naparima Girls Cook Book (a must-have for any Trini living abroad or any Trini unable to cook). I tried a cake or two, curried meats, “geera chicken” and even Chicken Alfredo from scratch. The latter was not a strongly successful venture and as a result I spent two full days nursing a troubled stomach that neither ginger tea nor Peptobismol could not calm.


I am no where near to chef status as yet but it is slightly exhilarating to actually prepare a meal and go outside your comfort zone.  I love chopping up the ingredients and my love for the Food Network spurs this on even if I find most of the food on that network a bit too rich or oily for my palate.  Cooking is great.  If it is successful, you can brag to hundreds, if it isn’t, well no one has to know. 


This diatribe is by no means an invitation to anyone who thinks they want to “taste my hand”.  I have some measure of a cast –iron stomach and as such I’m immune to what I cook, you may not be.  So anyone who thinks that they will get a nice candlelight dinner cooked by me will discover that Apsara, Angelos, Tiki Village, Kam Wah, Trotters and many other fine restaurants have a number for delivery/pick up.


You have been warned.



I gave myself the task at the beginning of the year of reading one book a month. I have this habit of traveling and buying books that fill my suitcase and coming back and never reading them or mostly reading the first three chapters and just forgetting about it.  The biggest offence was committed in October 2007 when I bought Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children from a W.H. Smith in the airport and started reading it on the plane ride home.


I finished the book on January12, 2009.


It wasn’t that the book was boring as such but in certain parts my attention span wavered when he would go into long diatribes that just added nothing to the story. I must also blame my work schedule as it had a habit of just wearing me down to the point where all I wanted to do was lie on my couch and stare at the TV. Reading required my eyes to move across a page and this just wasn’t possible in that state. I needed to break the cycle.


I got over my hump with Midnight’s Children after I realized that I bought Vikras Swarup’s “Q&A” in Janaury and finished it within two days. Mind you it is a simpler read than Rushdie but I felt as if I was giving up on something special. After all, Midnight’s Children won the Booker of Bookers and most people that have read it, rave about it.  It wasn’t a bad read at all.


So half the year has gone and I’m still ahead on my reading list. Why? Well I have become sort of a “time maximiser” over the past few months. I have books placed strategically around me so that not a moment is wasted.  I have books placed in the bathroom, at my desk at work, my nightstand and in the car.  Books are placed in each area to adequately deal with my attention span in each of these areas.


Toilet: Hey why not get some reading done in here while other stuff is trying to happen (Chicken Alfredo escaping). Books I place here are usually light and fun mainly trivia related. I just completed The Best Book of Useless Information Ever by Noel Botham and I just placed a book by Stephen Fry called QI: The Book of General Ignorance (well he wrote the Foreword). You really don’t want to be bogged down in the toilet with a serious novel nor do you want the molecules that surround that area to reach other rooms when you take the book with you. So you keep it there and when you are done, a little Lysol never hurts before you place the book on your shelf. The last thing you want to do is get caught up in a story while on the toilet and then your foot falls asleep (not a pleasant feeling).


Desk at Work: Books that are here are really for the odd moment when I can breathe or when I have just finished lunch and my inbox isn’t filled with emails that I need to urgently respond to( sigh they always seem to be urgent). So the book I chose for this area must be funny but nothing that will distract you from completing a task.  For this reason Augusten Burrough’s Dry has been on my desk for three months and I have barely read more than 5 chapters.  It is an amusing book but I am glad it is one of those books that if you haven’t read it in awhile, you can start a new chapter and not feel as if you need to reread the ones before.


Car: This was a hard book choice as it depends on how long I expect to be stuck in traffic at any point in time.  I opted for books that teach me stuff.  Bill Bryson’s Shakespeare was a good read in traffic. It really taught me a lot on Shakespeare and showed me all the conspiracy theories surrounding him.  I’m trying to find a replacement for traffic. Wally Lamb’s She Come Undone and another Bill Bryson book called The Life and Time of the Thunderbolt Kid are vying for space. I’ve read a chapter from each and I like them both but the Wally Lamb one is engrossing and I fear I might hear honking horns if I start reading this book in the car.


Bedside: This is always the main book. This will be the book that I would take along with me if I am going to the barber or to the beach with friends.  This is always the book I want to finish before the end of the month and so I will read this in between television shows, on weekends when not sleeping or early mornings when I suddenly wake up and sleep won’t come to me easily. Hey, it’s either read or watch on Cinemax. Hmmm , ok so I read.


I have just finished a trilogy of books by Cornelia Funke: Inkheart, Inspell and Inkdeath.  Yes it is one of those fantasy books that are more geared towards children/teens but with the amount of death it contained, I can’t remember reading such books as a child. I have picked up Tananarive Due’s The Living Blood once more in the hope that like Midnight’s Children I will finish it before Summer 2011 is over.


I have Eldest by Christopher Paolini to complete as well but somehow I don’t think I will even entertain that book.


I have read 11 books to date. Some were less than 200 pages so that made it really easy. The best book for the year so far was The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao by Junot Diaz and I highly recommend to anyone who loves to read.


I just love going into bookstores and searching for that next great novel that will move me and transport me to another world where somebody else has bigger problems than I do.



If I’m not reading, I usually find stuff around the house to do. Ok don’t assume that I’m cleaning the house, oh hell no, I have a housekeeper for that and I don’t mind paying for that service at all. Once I attempted to clean my apartment.  I cleaned the living room and one bathroom and that took 4 hours.  I was knackered after that.  I never did get around to cleaning the rest as I hired the housekeeper. Money well spent.


I do however, do the dishes, and iron my shirts and fold the clothes. The former is a task in my eyes and so it is a serious effort not to leave dishes in the sink for more than 3 days. Well it is not exactly folding clothes but actually sorting them in piles to then put them in the closet.  Ironing is actually not so bad. I usually either have the TV on or I am listening to a CD which provides sufficient distraction from the task at hand.  I remember ironing 12 shirts in one sitting. Of course that equated to 4 DVDs or 5 sit-coms and 2 CDs. Sunday evenings watching Animation Domination on Fox (Family Guy, Simpsons, King of The Hill and American Dad) makes it so easy to iron that I don’t break even a sweat.



I know all this may sound boring to you, but I really like it. I am actually saving money (haha Yeah right!!! Damn you Benetton!!) and reducing my dependence on foreign oil while ensuring that health care and the economy at home are taken care of.  I play tennis with my coach twice a week and hopefully this counts as human interaction outside of work, so that my hermit level status is not reaching the “weirdo” level as yet. Stay Tuned.


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