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2012 – My Lists (Entertainment)

Not that my lists matter in the grand scheme of things but here is how my 2012 went in terms of movies, music television and books.


I bought over 50 albums this year and it is sad to say but i barely listened to music this year. I don’t know what had me so distracted but i felt as if nothing much was moving me and this year’s crop of tunes were no help. There were alot of cool songs but when it came to albums, well let’s say, i will be buying less and less albums as the years go by and just more songs


  1. Pink – Truth About Love: Pink ROCKS!! She kicks ASS! And this album is a gem amongst the drivel of bad albums I had this year.  Try, The Great Escape, and Slut Like Me are always on repeat.
  2. Emelie Sande – Our Version of Events : While I still believe this album chronicles a break up in all it stages. It is still a refreshing sound from this artist. “Clown” is my favourite song.
  3. Robert Glasper Experiment – Black Radio: Recommended by a friend and loved for life by me. This refreshing Jazz infused album just flooded my ears and found a home within. Lalah Hathaway, Meshell and Ledisi sing on it. Need I say more? Listen to “Gonna Be Alright” featuring Ledisi as an introduction, then hear Lalah’s “Cherish the Day” and stay for more.
  4. Lionel Richie – Tuskegee : I bought this on a slow day and found myself loving the country twang on these remakes of his classic songs. What a way to refresh an artist’s catalogue.
  5. Pitch Perfect Original Movie Soundtrack – Such a great movie and such a fun soundtrack. Since You’ve Been Gone and the Bella’s Finale medley are killer.
  6. Maroon 5 – Overexposed : Solid Album
  7. Delta Rae – Carry The Fire: “Bottom of the river” and its video hooked me and “When Tomorrow Comes” made me buy the album and savour it!
  8. Ella Andell – Bring Down the Power.: While stuck in Piarco Airport for 3 hours waiting for a LIAT flight to Curacao to arrive, I heard this album in its entirety and realised that I have been neglecting the awesomeness of this lady of the soil with a killer voice.


  1. Frank Ocean – Channel Orange : Because of  all the hype surrounding him, I haven’t even taken the wrapper off the album.
  2. Brandy – Two Eleven: Despite the auto-tuned voice all over this album, I enjoyed a few tracks after it got stuck in now defunct stereo.
  3. Heather Headley – Only One in the World: I wanted and wished to love this album more than anything else but it felt incomplete for me and just missing her magic. It’s not a bad album just not my favorite from her. “I Wish” still remains a classic song.



  1. Macy Gray – Covered (A voice can grate on your ears for so long without causing it to bleed)
  2. No Doubt – Push and Shove (Right to the back of my music collection! What the hell was this?)
  3. LMFAO – Sorry For Party Rocking (and for buying this waste of time album even if it was on sale)



  • Pitch Perfect
  • Argo
  • Life of Pi
  • The Avengers
  • Chronicle
  • Girl With The Dragon Tattoo
  • 21 Jump Street – still shocked I liked it
  • Ted – irreverent and hilarious


  • Prometheus – I fell asleep twice trying to watch it
  • Total Recall – I recall it not being this much Bovine Excreta! Kate Beckinsale rocked though!
  • Rock of Ages –still trying to figure out what went wrong with this movie. Oh Yeah it was a really bad Broadway Show!!
  • Dark Shadows! –Ah want meh money back!
  • Savages – See Dark Shadows
  • Taken 2 – took my money is right
  • Tyler Perry movie and actor!! –
  • All Adam Sandler releases
  • The Expendables 2 – so disappointed in this sequel

SIDE NOTE::Let me just state that I refuse to acknowledge how much I liked Breaking Dawn Part 2 but that was mainly because Bella actually had a personality. Who knew being dead improved her insufferable whorish teenage ways!  The Fight scene in the open field is what made me appreciate suffering through all the other awful ones, but I REFUSE to make mention of it on any list!!




  • Scandal (Guilty Pleasure) – You can ignore the over-acting and some unbelievable scenarios and just fall into this drama that keeps you on your toes and your heart racing.
  • Downton Abbey – brings out the aristocracy in us all. The Dowager Countess Lady Grantham kicks ass!
  • Arrow
  • Homeland
  • Duck Hunters
  • The Voice –USA
  • New Girl
  • Mindy Kaling Project
  • Tosh.0 – I cant help but watch this clip show!

Worst – I have given up on you

  • True Blood – I don’t know what this season was about but I’m glad it’s over.
  • Boardwalk Empire – Errr
  • Once Upon A Time – I am lost!
  • Grey’s Anatomy – Enough with the Meredith suffering crap!!
  • X Factor USA – This show is just awful


This is embarassing but out of the 20 books i purchased over the course of this year, i have only fully read two of them.

  • Mark of Athena by Rick Riordan
  • Perks of being a Wall Flower – Stephen Chbosky

Both were really good I am also not ashamed to say that the first book is geared towards young adults/teenagers but the writing is so good and takes me back to my love of Greek/Roman Mythology.

Here are the books that I have started but yet to complete:

  • NW- Zadie Smith (My fear is that this will be as bad as The Autograph Man)
  • The Power of Six- Pittacus Lore (Sequel to I am Number Four)
  • The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern
  • Look Who It Is Alan Carr My Story – Alan Car (Very funny but still don’t know why I never picked it back up)
  • A Storm of Swords – George RR Martin (I am told it gets really good but I find the pages with Kaleesi to be insufferable and so I keep putting it down)

I would honestly blame my fickle personality to not be able to commit to a book but honestly, there are books from last year i am yet to complete. It took 2 years to finish Midnight’s Children and I still wasn’t over the moon in love with it like most other people were.

Here’s to 2013 and may my focus return so that these lists will make more sense in the future.

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Good Times

I just posted a pic on my Facebook wall of some of the shows I saw while in New York on vacation and the theme song for “Good Times” popped into my head. I was feeling good about my vacation particularly since I saw Janet Jackson in Minneapolis and was close enough to see sweat glistening on her arm and see her lips quiver during “Again”. Focus Stefan!!!

Oh Yeah,then I saw War Horse (where an old schoolmate Jude Sandy is in the cast) followed by Audra McDonald & Norm Lewis in a preview showing of Porgy & Bess The Musical (AMAZING!) and capped off with Sister Act. I didn’t expect to like the last one as it was a last minute choice since I was unable for the fourth time to get tickets to the Book of Mormon, but I was blown away at how much I enjoyed it. Sister Act is some serious fun and entertainment.

So as I was basking in my euphoria and humming the “Good Times” theme it was then I realised that i never knew the actual lyrics to it. Just the words “Good Times“.

So I googled them and well..see for yourself:

Good Times Theme – Dave Grusin & Andrew Bergman

Good Times. 
Any time you meet a payment. 
Good Times. 
Any time you need a friend. 
Good Times. 
Any time you’re out from under. 

Not getting hastled, not getting hustled. 
Keepin’ your head above water, 
Making a wave when you can. 

Temporary lay offs. 
Good Times. 
Easy credit rip offs. 
Good Times. 
Scratchin’ and surviving. 
Good Times. 
Hangin in a chow line 
Good Times. 
Ain’t we lucky we got ’em 
Good Times.

How depressing are those lyrics?

It just goes to show that you put a happy spin/music on anything depressing and people will like it. I have listened to this song for years during its run and I always assumed it was a happy empowering song. How wrong was I?

Temporary layoffs? Scratching and surviving? Hangin in a chow line? Jeez, these people had it rough.

Then I remembered the ending theme:

Just looking out of the window, watching they arkjdsf for soooo. Thinking how it all would end in time

(Well that ‘s how I remember it)

Here’s the real lyric:

Just lookin’ out of the window.
Watchin’ the asphalt grow.
Thinkin’ how it all looks hand-me-down.
Good Times, yeah, yeah Good Times


Watchin the asphalt grow? Err WTH!! How does asphalt grow? These people were poor and ignant too?

Sigh I guess some things are better left in the past the way you remembered it back then.

I remember thinking how funny “Family Ties” was and then I saw an episode a couple of years ago and wondered what the hell made me laugh about this show? It was boring….


Anyway, let me go back to being happy about having a GREAT vacation and getting to rest alot. The moment I realised that I was having fun and feeling really blessed was the morning of August 18th when I was sitting in a Starbucks in Mall of America, Minneapolis and felt a little verklempt.

I still owe you all a blog on the Janet Concert but the three versions I have written so far are insane and just make no sense at all. I’ll try something this weekend and see if this one is coherent.


Have a good night!

GOOD Taiiiiii I eee aiiiiiii eh eh emmmmmms!

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Enough is Enough

Everyone at some point or another has joked about the fact that when we look back at Sesame Street ( with adult eyes) there are things that catch us that never registered before. Of course, we just sit back and laugh and know that our innocence had left us ages ago and was replaced by the filth and smut of Carnival and Cinemax (don’t deny it, you kow you have watched it once or thirteen times).

I have been guilty of not liking certain characters and of spreading vicious rumours on others like Elmo being on ecstacy and Prairie Dawn needing a beat down but these are harmless. Sesame Street has been a love of mine for ages and I cannot imagine growing up without singing about “The Lowercase n”, or “Capital I” or “One Way…the Sign said One Way” among countless others. Sesame street taught me many valuable lessons during my childhood and while I am not always in agreement with the direction they sometimes go in the show, I understand its appeal, relevance and importance in society.

Then comes these ridiculous people called who apparently have launched a petition to let Ernie & Bert get married. See Below:

Also I never found this poster to be funny ( well not really)

While I applaud the stance of CTW (Children’s Television Workshop) on this issue, I find it very disheartening to know that once again adults who are trying to push a cause through would try to stereotype every aspect of life and therefore take away the innocence of everything.

Look I know I may have told many of you that I knew Bert & Ernice were gay from the moment Ernie woke up Bert in the middle of the night to ask him :

” Do you like me? Do you think i’m swell? Do you Like me? Won’t you tell. I wanna hear it from you?”

Yes the question seems a bit shady and slightly dodgy but that is only because I am looking at it with nasty adult eyes and not the innocent ones that first saw it and thought to ask my brother the same question one night and he just “steupsed” and asked for me to leave him alone.

Yes, I was annoying that way. Lord knows how he came still talk to me after all the things I did to him. We also won’t get into how i tortured my younger siblings and cousins…some things are better left unsaid in case these people get flashbacks of torture and someone finds me at the side of the road.

Anyway, the point is.. LEAVE SESAME STREET ALONE!!!

There are lots of adult issues that can be discussed with children, divorce, death, drugs , addiction,etc but come now, do you really need to make two roommates since 1969 a couple? They already are best friends and trust me anyone who has lived with a friend for any length of time, you both start acting like a married couple but it doesn’t mean you are gay. It means you all like each other. I lived with my best friend for One Year on Campus and while we no longer speak as we used to, the experience taught me that distance is a good thing for friends. A lot of personal space is necessary.

I digress……

Why don’t they harass Bob? Bob who? You know Bob. The one who lives on top of Mr. Hooper’s Store and has a piano and sings alot through his window and who was once romantically linked to Linda (the deaf but certainly not BLIND girl). Yes that one! Why aren’t they dealing with him? Hmmmm I know why..’cause old people aren’t fun to pick on and they can SUE you…

Shame on you!!! Why don’t you change and stop being the bully here! You think making two puppets marry will put an end to bullying? Err why not then petition for Oscar the Grouch to be nicer or for Big Bird to acknowledge his relationship with Snuffie or have Grover come out of the closet and Cookie Monster deal with his eating disorder and Count with his OCD? Huh? Why not help everyone?


I never liked Grover much as his scenes intially involved him always asking for hugs and for someone to tickle his tummy. It was a little creepy even for me. Grover as the waiter or as SuperGrover is a better character.

Telly Monster also used to piss me off with his worrying. Why isn’t he on meds by now?

And while we are at it….Why did Maria stop dating David and marry Luis and then David disappeared from the show? Rumor has it he went mad and walked through Central Park naked and later committed suicide. And why did anybody ever address how ghetto and loud Olivia was when she visited the street? How did Mr. Looper make money and why is that store still open? Why hasn’t Starbucks, Subway or Wal-Mart or Target moved in as yet?

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Vicky Pollard

For those of you who have never seen Little Britain, let me just say you haven’t really lived. I can’t help but laugh whenever i watch a clip from Seasons 1 and 2. The HBO season wasn’t as funny plus American humor is weird.


Anyway, I could find my favorite clip so I present this one. The character Vicky Pollard is my favorite an d ithink she is just hilarious:


Enjoy a clip:



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One Plus One

Realisation: I have way too many Facebook friends !

Reason for realisation:

All of a sudden, every Ted, Dexter, Debbie and Halcyon are posting links to Beyonce’s new song “1 Plus 1” and proclaiming it to be amazing. 

I am not a Beyonce fan and I will never proclaim her work to be epic. She has SOME really good tracks and when beaten into your head by radio airplay you can’t help but like them.  Others you wish would just leave your mind instead of subliminally making you recite it while doing work at the office or washing wares…..

Anyway, not the point I was trying to make.

Here is the first verse of the song and tell me what is wrong…


If I aint got nothing, I got you
If I aint got something I don’t give a damn, cause I got it with you
I don’t know much about algebra, but I know one plus one equals two
And it’s me and you, thats all we’ll have when the world is thru


Sorry I had to highlight the GLARING piece of nonsense that she put into the song.  Of course you don’t know much about algebra, because one plus one is ARITHMETIC, jeez its basic Math!!!! 

Could you not find a word to subsitiute into the song? You had to put that glaring piece of nonsense.

Now every dunderhead who never paid attention in school is gonna think they know something about Algebra when they know continue to know NOTHING!!!

And this is why we should not only worry about Lady Gaga infecting people’s minds with whatever madness she is saying in between her lessons of tolerance but we need to put surveillance on Beyonce, Tyler Perry, Tyra Banks and a few rappers that have been to jail on numerous charges.

Why no one follows or listens to Common is beyond me.  I once heard a youth refer to Jay Z as “ole school and boring” and immediately knew he would be pumping my gas in a couple years (sorry it had to be said).

So to the crazy beyonce fans who are fuming right now over this.


Cool yuh piggy!!

Beyonce doesn’t care what I think about her and so should you.

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Observations over this Three-day Weekend(courtesy indian Arrival Day):


  • When people say “meet me for 8:00pm” on a Friday, they actually mean 9:45pm
  • “Shakers” seems to be dying a slow death on the Avenue
  • Some people can drink a bottle of wine in half an hour or less
  • Not all people from South can eat pepper (Go figure!)
  • Apparently a lot of people like Tyler Perry movies.
  • Crying in the midst of Shakers over some guy will not draw men to you.
  • People will say that you added no value to their life but continually have hour long conversations about you. (very funny)
  • Sara Bareilles is ah BOSS!!!
  • Lady Gaga’s New Album is fully explained by Track 7 : Scheiße
  • Playing “I’ve Never…….” at my age leads to a lot of unnecessary drinking.
  • Make Up Artists are sometimes the slowest people on a photo shoot
  • I’m still not convinced that males should be Make Up Artists (or maybe this one was just bad!)
  • I really love photography!
  • The gyros oppositeAdam Smith Squareare really good no matter what hour of the night you have them.
  • One cannot have an opinion on “shy” people without being attacked and being accused of psycho-analysing without a license.
  • I really need to learn how to cook something beyond stewed chicken and macaroni salad and steamed veggies
  • “Existential” is apparently a sexy word.
  • I’m getting really old
  • Going to bed at 3:00am to attend a 9:00am Rally, the same day, means you are going to be late.
  • Going to bed after 2:00am for a Call time of 8:00am means I need to say “No” to late night liming.
  • Shurwayne Winchester has the charisma of a paper bag (in MY opinion)
  • I no longer like large crowds of people
  • I need to stop walking everywhere with my Ipad. It’s starting to annoy people.
  • People still quit jobs despite not having an immediate replacement.
  • Not all rums are created equal.
  • I need to stay away from Bookstores…
  • I drank way too much this weekend.
  • Overproof Rum isn’t bad at all.
  • The New Adventures of Old Christine is priceless comedy.
  • I still love JANET JACKSON despite what ANYBODY says!!!
  • I’m over Farmville and Family Feud.
  • Marsha Ambrosius video called “Far Away” is ummm ….different.
  • Insomnia can be cured by warm bath and by reading a self help book.
  • Rehearsals where the producers provide meals is still a new concept to me, but me likey a lot!!!
  • Marketing departments that can only find a Sister Sledge song to convey a message to employees need to be fired or at least be brought into the new millennium.
  • Fruit Ninja kicks ASS!!!
  • My housekeeper rocks!
  • Game of Thrones Episode 7: WTH!!! I didn’t see that coming at all
  • How can one person use up so much clothes in a week?
  • If three strangers describing their “one night stand” all come up with the same name……errr yuh is a Ho! (which is not necessarily a bad thing.)
  • Expressing your disgust for people who urinate in showers is apparently not a crowd pleasing topic. Seems like a lot of people do it. Just NASTY!!!
  • I still have murder in my thoughts for two of my landlady’s dogs. I just can’t seem to work out how to get rid of trace evidence.
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While reminiscing with my friend Clint on a myriad of topics he brought up a clip from Sesame Street that he remembered which in the 21st Century takes on a whole new meaning……..

Tell me What you think

Sometimes age does not bring wisdom, but loss of innocence…

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