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  1. Week 27 and still not a Lotto winner. Off to work I go. Jesus, it seems you are really insistent on me working hard for everything I have? #patienceisvirtue
  2. If you are over 35 and you are telling me you going Wi-Fi silent, it means you have no data plan. At your age? Come now! #imjudgingyouopenly #judgeing #judgedread #postpaid #stopbeingcheap
  3. Cleaned the oven this weekend and realized that those oven cleaner fumes are potent. Think I knocked out for a five minutes on the floor of the kitchen.
  4. When you go drinking on a Saturday night and after your 3rd drink you stop because (a) your tolerance level is low (b) People started to look cute and (c) you started to feel chatty. Should’ve had Malta instead. #lightweight
  5. Dear Massy Stores, I don’t opt to pay your higher prices on food stuff so that I could pack my own groceries and tote it all to the car. Get your act together! #massystores #lazy
  6. So one part Heineken Beer and two parts Coke = Green Sands. Let’s see….Attempt Number 9 – when did I finish the Coke? I think I have an alcohol problem. Thanks eh Gerard Morton!
  7. .Nitpicking causes me to shut down. If I have reviewed something thoroughly and someone asks for cosmetic changes, I don’t do it. I’m over the document and have moved on.
  8. I’m ignoring the disrespectful people who asking how did Trouble do for SEA. She is doing SEA next year people!!
  9. While I try to stay out of politics, all I want to say is: Shouldn’t a Deputy Political Leader of a Party know better or understand the importance of Protocol?
  10. I find it rude and offensive when my main and back up toilets in the office are in use by other people. I’ve spent too much time gathering data on their locations in relation to my bowel movements for BOTH to be occupied at the SAME time. People are so insensitive!
  11. Is it a local conspiracy that if you order Beef on a pizza from ANY pizza place, they are so stingy with it that you have to search for the meat on the pizza like search for some politicians’ integrity? What going on? Why you doing it?
  12. I think I officially gave up on the Facebook Tests after they told me that I was 100% Indian and that my calling is to be a Pastor. Umm not even if I can recite Kanchan and Babla ultimate song “Kuch Gadbad Hai” and “Robobobo Shatai “with the best of them means this stuff is true.
  13. TRUTH: I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up. I kinda still don’t know but I fell into certain fields that gave me opportunities beyond my reach.
  14. So KFC’s Smoke N Fire Chicken may not be spicy going in but coming out the other end…..Well Let’s just say I asked/pleaded for Divine Intervention.
  15. This is the end of the first week of July and TN AUTO still does not have my car ready. I am thinking of Legal Action at this point. No one is this slow intentionally!
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Last Night…..

So…after a hectic evening yesterday, (Rehearsals and Meu Destino with Gerelle Forbes), I decided to partake in some KFC because I was aboslutely peckish (don’t judge me). I decided I would have a Zinger Special as it would be least unhealthy thing on the menu (stop judging me!).

As I walk into the outlet a second line opens up and I find myself being the third person in this new line. My heart is all aglow as there would be no KFC happening if the line was too long. With the line move, I hear chatter behind me but I am ignoring it since:

  1. It didn’t concern me
  2. The creatures carrying it on were barely speaking english (well English that I could understand).

As my turn approaches int he line, I notice that one of the creatures (donned in something black and demin with multiple prints or logos on it and gold jewellry on his fingers neck and teeth), is at my side in the line and appears to be staring at me. I don’t look as I am texting away on my phone but I feel his presence trying to intimidate me. As I move up to order, he cuts in front of me and starts to give his order.

While I looked on in shock, everyone else in the line starts up on him for cutting in front of me. Roughly translated, he implied that he had been waiting in the other line too long and that I just reach. From his demeanor and obvious grasp of the English Language I decided not to engage him but put on my stare of disdain. Strangely enough, this was not required.

All of a sudden, the KFC cashier turns looks at him and just says: “Move”

Him: You doh know who I is awah?

Her: Move and let me take de man order!

Him: Steups (he mumbles something and then adopts an open leg stance with his head slightly tilted upwards)

There is a staring competition for about  ten seconds and he then moves aside.

Feeling particualry stressed over the event, I order a Dinner Special (3 pieces of chicken, fries and a drink) instead .

I don’t know about you but I was not about to become a statistic in a KFC outlet just for a chicken sandwich and fries. Come to think of it, I was actually ready to walk out and forget the whole idea had the cashier not intervened.

The food never made it home, as it was inhaled in the car.


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Shake Your Thang

Well Friday was a particularly interesting day in Trinidad & Tobago. More so for Trinidad as we experienced a serious earthquake (well in our minds) that caused structural damage to some buildings and mainly to the elevators within them. This experience left me a little traumatized as I was on the top floor of the RBTT Independence Square Branch and that thing shook the black off me for the ten seconds or more it occurred.


The strange thing is that I was in a fellow co-worker’s office going over some figures with my laptop in hand when the earthquake started up. The building started to shake and his desk (a very heavy one) started to move. The building seems to be swaying and everything just seemed to be on the verge of cracking (well just in my eyes). On feeling the strong vibrations I ran to the doorway to stand and I was quickly followed by my co-worker and then by another one who happened to be passing in the hallway. In the midst of the shake I commented to the last arrival to the doorway:


Me: Hear nah, three hard back men cannot be sheltering under one doorway. Find another doorway to stand under please.


Of course he ignored me and only moved when the tremors stopped.


I must confess, I think I weed a bit during the tremors and I know for sure I called out for my mother ever so quietly and briefly. I know no one heard but it was still a traumatic experience for me.


Would you believe that after the quake, all the bank I work for, sought to do was send out an email informing us of “Procedures in the Event of An earthquake”. Can you believe that? No one called to inquire to as to emotional stability etc. I was in a mess and found it a bit hard to concentrate after that. In order to calm my nerves, I headed out of the bank and to see if I could find a CD to purchase. Alas none were found. A few DVDs tempted me but since I want to go to Margarita for the Chinese Holiday weekend, I opted not to spend money on it.


I decline to offer up where I was when the second tremor occurred. Needless to say, I never returned to the office and had to come in the next morning to close up my office. The next tremor shook me worse than the first and all I kept thinking is that if I was in the office I would have had to run in town to buy a change of underwear. Rumor has it that the Deputy MD told his Assistant that he needs to keep spare underwear in his office form now on.


Stories are still flying around as to what other people did during these tremors but all I know is that if I wasn’t one with a good heart or mind, I would have been on the other end of a bottle of tequila or vodka by the end of that day. I have watched too many movies and TV shows not to panic a bit on experiencing an earthquake, particularly at such a height off the ground. I am not willing to endure it again.


I am sitting in the office right now hoping not to feel a tremor. I already had to climb 16 flights of stairs to my office this morning as the elevators aren’t working. If it is not fixed by the lunch time, bet your bottom dollar that KFC will have to deliver food to my ass way up here. If I am forced to walk down those stairs for lunch, I will definitely be working from home for the rest of the day.


I had a good weekend though. Got assaulted from my friend Cindy at her birthday party on Saturday, all because she says that I broke off some lime with her to go out with another woman and wrote it on my blog. Cindy, I want proof of such an act. Proof!!!


Anyway, all is well and I am thinking of going to Margarita from October 12 to 15 with some friends. I also think that I am spending too much money but that is another issue to sort out later on.


Have a good week everyone in case you don’t hear from me again.


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