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Comfort Zone (Prologue)

So I got a delayed Christmas present today (as the person wasn’t in the country at the time)….

Sigh.. Sometimes it takes just a little to renew your faith in the power of Christmas and good gift-giving…

Since I have promised people not to mention their names in my blogs, i will respect my friend’s privacy.

But Thanks CK

No food was consumed as a result of this gift giving….I may actually exercise in victory.


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That Particular Time

I took a trip back to 2009 (through pictures today. It was a time in March when I vacationed in Barbados. While I had taken over 400 photos and 6 picture folders from that trip, there are some simple shots that I took that jogged my memory more than the pictures of people or food that I ate that particular time….

I will always thank my friend Matthew for introducing me to some amazing places in Barbados that despite me living there for 2 -3 years prior to this trip (2000-2002), I only saw them on this trip.

BTW: I still miss that Fuselli Pasta from that place in Hastings that I can never remember the name of……lol

There would have been a time when taking a picture stressed me out and sharing them was even a greater issue. So whether touched or untouched, I love them all. These are my memories…and they serve me far too well…..

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Precious Illusions

I was very fortunate that a friend of mine asked to me accompany him and his business partner along on a photo shoot for a fashion designer called Adrian Foster.

We had to go to his home in Couva (somewhere south of Grand Bazaar and further than Chaguanas) as the shoot location was near to where he lived.

i would be the first to admit to anyone that I don’t have an eye for visualizing things to see how it would look in the future. Looking at it with my natural eye, I end up saying a short prayer to God for some help for giving me “sight beyond sight”. Lo and behold he ends up directing me towards my camera lens. As soon as I put my eye to the lens, I see/ visualize what he is talking about.

While just being along for the ride was excitement enough for me, I got to take some behind the scenes pics of the process and learn a thing or two about my new baby (Nikon D90) that I wasn’t aware of prior to this outing. For that reason alone I feeled blessed at the opportunity.

The shoot was long but enjoyable and the model needed very little direction. She was just AMAZING with her poses and her ability to extend the lines in her body so that a pose was never awkward but thoroughly refined.

I submit for your viewing a couple photos that I took on the day. The official photographers Legacy Fotography got some amazing shots, but I was happy to have felt a part of the process.

Tell me what you think!



I know it will not be used on the website nor in any medium except my blog but I felt really creative and free during it.

Here’s to the development of my “eye” and to me being creative and artistic once more.

Me thinks the drought is over!

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