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Have You Met…….


No she isn’t related to Will Ferrell (He can only wish).

She is just THE most AMAZING singer to be gracing this planet. Strangely enough, I only discovered her in 2000 when an employee at the Virgin Megastore (sigh my Mothership) strongly suggested that I listen to her new album “Individuality, (Can I Be Me?)”.

I took up the album and scrutinized it for no reason and, at the time, only took it because I didn’t want him to think I didn’t trust his tastes. I just believed he didn’t know mine.  So I picked it up, with the intention of playing it as a background filler one day and just putting it in the back of my collection.

I don’t remember what happened the afternoon I bought it but I put it into my discman (at the time) and the next day, I found myself back in Virgin Megastore searching for every album she ever made. The employee was grinning.

This woman slayed me with her vocals, her range is KILLER!! and her feeling with a song is like she is not just making love to it but actually bringing it to a constant climax. She is good. Her voice is like buttah!!

Cut to December 2001, when my music soul mate, Matthew, sends me word that Rachelle Ferrell is going to perform for Barbados Jazz Festival in January 2002. I had only moved back to Trinidad from Barbados less than 2 months earlier and here I was planning a trip in January to see Rachelle Ferrell.

I can’t remember much about that trip except that I found myself on Farley Hill on January 20th 2002, listening to a whole bunch of people I didn’t care for and then….she came on.

Like a big groupie, I rushed to the front of the stage and found other people trying to trample me to get near her. I resented this. She was MY musical secret!! (Well mine and Matthew’s). So who the hell were all these people rushing to the front of the stage? I ended up next to this girl who had like 4 CDs in her hand and one of them I didn’t recognise (The other 3 were Rachelle Ferrell CDs). So I asked politely:

Me: Umm what CD is that? Is that a Rachelle Ferrell CD

Girl: (Looks at me with disdain) No. That’s my CD. I want her to give it to her when I get her to sign the rest!

I was appalled. How dare she peddle her obviously screechy voice to Rachelle THE GREAT?  She had to be stopped! As I was planning a way to tell her to stay away from Rachelle, I heard a voice make a note and I became enveloped in a trance. My body turned away from the wannabe singer toward the stage where she stood in all her glory. a black top, jean with the most beautiful afro i had ever seen. I was in love. I was mesmerized. I needed to pee (but that would have to wait).

She had me at C sharp!

All I can say is that I enjoyed her performance immensely and walked away fulfilled. I felt as if I could listen to her all day. The beauty of her as a performer is that she makes these weird expressions with her mouth and face and instead of it taking away from the performance, it draws you in. It draws you in to every note, every key, every pitch, every sound she utters. This woman understands her instrument (her voice) and boy can she play that damn thing.

In a just world, she would be ten times more famous than Beyonce or Lady Gaga, but alas life isn’t fair.

I therefore recommend RACHELLE FERRELL’s 2000 Album “Individuality (Can I Be Me?)” for your listening pleasure. If you do not like this album, I don’t want to know as it is obvious you wouldn’t know good music if  it got up and slapped you!!

The highlighted songs are the ones I can’t get enough of but the entire album is BRILLIANT!
Here is a clip of her singing “I Forgive You”

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