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  1. People have no idea what islands make up the Lesser Antilles far less the entire Caribbean!
  2. Apparently a lot of people on my Facebook page failed Geography. Either that or PNM/UNC governments denied them access to an Atlas of the Caribbean during their formative years
  3. So….. everyone in love with the Brian Lara Cricket Academy now?
  4. It’s not that I don’t like you, but I’m just all about practicing the Psalm 1:1 when I’m around you.
  5. Facebook doesn’t like the Caribbean region. You mean to say not one person there decided to do an algorithm so Caribbean Facebook users can mark themselves safe after Hurricane Irma?
  6. A 17 year old girl tried flirting with me this week. I thanked her for her compliments and told her to find someone else willing to make a jail for her advances.
  7. I’ve been without my Ipad Air for over 4 days as it stopped charging and I sent it to fix. I don’t know what to do with myself as my progression in Angry Birds Friends is now in jeopardy and this will be the first week I am not on top of my Leaderboard.
  8. I got an Honorable Mention for a photo I submitted to local Photo Competition. Still not sure how I feel about it as I am a sore loser.
  9. I’m not an accomplished singer or actor but I can definitely tell when someone thinks too highly of their talent, especially when they shouldn’t.
  10. Someone recommended that I use Activated Charcoal pills to detox my system. I had to remind them that those pills are used to help treat a Drug Overdose or some type of poisoning. They reminded me that my cooking may be considered poisonous to other people. Touché
  11. Apparently the work server blocked my blog page citing it that it may be a “malicious” website. In the true sense of the word “malicious”, I can’t argue there, but in internet speak, I’m insulted.
  12. Just got the invoice from Best Auto on my Car’s Service Maintenance, and I’m happy to announce that you can book my services via my FB Messenger inbox. It’s not month end so Murray Street will not be rewarding at this time.
  13. In relation to the above point please note that :Two’s Company and Three is TT$4,000.00
  14. The production value of a K2K band launch is unrivalled within the market. These people know how to do a launch!
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Over the past month I gave myself a challenge. No it wasn’t a resolution.

I challenged myself to take a picture a day for the entire month of January. I know know people do the whole 365 day photo thing  but I gave myself this task as deep within the recesses of my weird mind, I knew I would not take the easy road.

I told a co-worker about my challenge and he scoffed at me and said: “That’s not a real challenge!”

“You will end up taking a picture of the museum, the zoo, a couple buildings, a sunset etc and then you are done. Do it for the year man!!”

I told him that the Challenge was that I could not go outside of my regular routine of each day and that certain buildings were off-limits lest other photographers I am friends with think that I am copying them.

He looked at me as if I was insane!

You need a wife and a child to occupy your time.”. He replied and went back to what he was doing.

I ignored it but I was happy with my choice of challenges and i knew it would bring me no end of joy!

Armed with my 3 cameras (at least two were in my car at any point in time):

  • Nikon D90 DSLR
  • Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ18 (large point and shoot)
  • Olympus Stylus 1010 (small point & shoot)

I began my journey that I knew would be fun and exciting!!


There were some nights that I got home from work late and when I laid down to stare at the TV to relax, it popped in my head

SHIT!! You ain’t take a pic for the day!

Yup and then the rush starts and I end up either cheating by driving out of my way to take a pic of a pan rack (Day 21) or guy playing a pan (Day 26).  I didn’t feel guilty at the time because my life is really boring and there is no way in any normal circumstance would i ever enter a panyard. I am not that “bourgie”,”earthy” or “stush” (whatever the word is).

Then there were times when i stood in my porch and just snapped like a crazy person hoping that something stuck (Days 4, 11, 16 and 19). Yup folks, if you look below, you will see Day 11’s photo, a freaking light bulb. I just couldn’t find anything to photograph and I was really tired.

Day 11

Then there were the times that I took tons of pics and I find my picture of the day in the weirdest place and all those pics seem to be wasted.

On Day 7 (Jan 7th) , I spent 30 minutes on the Foreshore taking pictures of the sun setting and nothing was moving me or feeling like “The PIC”. Then I see some crazy looking lady walking to the back of me and I snap a few of her and VOILA!!, i had my pic. Too bad the 55 pics of the various stages of the sunset will never see the light of day.

It has been fun and I learnt a lot about me, my likes, dislikes, my inability to make a decision over a picture and my slow but growing love for using photoshop and not feeling guilty for slight photo tweaks. I also love the idea of using a watermark/logo with my pics. It took me a while to decide on one and i got a graphic artist to bring my idea to life and I am proud of it.

So folks I present to you my 31 days of photos. Some will suck some will be sweet. Some I wish I had greater skills to make them better but the strange thing is… I love them all..

Day 31 was a shameful display of laziness. I was heading home and walked into the Supermarket to buy some bread and i took my Panasonic Lumix in there and just started snapping people without them noticing. Sometimes you get a coo shot and sometimes you just go…..

“Dear Lord, thank you for the job I have, cuz  I suck at this one.”

I stored the pictures in two locations: Flickr and my MSN SkyDrive

Tell me your thoughts,,,


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Comfort Zone (Prologue)

So I got a delayed Christmas present today (as the person wasn’t in the country at the time)….

Sigh.. Sometimes it takes just a little to renew your faith in the power of Christmas and good gift-giving…

Since I have promised people not to mention their names in my blogs, i will respect my friend’s privacy.

But Thanks CK

No food was consumed as a result of this gift giving….I may actually exercise in victory.


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525,600 minutes

525,000 moments so dear

525,600 minutes….How do you measure?

Measure a Year


(Yeah I went there!)

In the case of 2011, I can measure it in terms of the photos taken or in terms of the plays done this year or heartbreaks (two) or weight loss (none), in movies, in music or in terms of written blogs(73 so far).

No matter how I measure it, it was one HELL of a year!!

Here are some of the highlights for me –

RENT – QUEENS HALL March 17- 20 2011(Musical)

Probably the most important thing that happened to me this year is that I got to play Tom Collins in RENT. I still can’t get over being on the stage and actually singing “I’ll Cover You (Reprise)” and just feeling the emotion flooding through me in each moment I did it.  I will NEVER forget that feeling.  

 Rehearsals were brutal on some days but long in all.  I began the year rehearsing every day til 11pm and weekends for 6 – 8 hours in Presentation College in San Fernando. I had no life back then but RENT. There were moments during rehearsal where I just couldn’t stand to be around these people but never once did I want to quit because THIS was my dream and no one was gonna play Tom Collins no matter how much better a singer they thought they were over me. Pffft…..

I walked away from that experience both fulfilled and emotionally drained at the same time. I walked away with new friends, new admirers, new haters, new lovers (physically and mostly emotionally). I regret no kisses (LOL!), no cuss outs and no alleged dances moves that people may have seen on or off the stage. All in all I got a deeper understanding of who I am and how FREAKING much I love to PERFORM!!!


SMILE ORANGE – Little Carib Theatre July 14-24th (Comedy)

One of the Executive Producers of this show saw me in RENT and made me an offer to be a part of Smile Orange. I didn’t even hesitate to jump on board! This would be a rough flight though as I ran straight into rehearsals for this show in late April after barely resting from RENT.

Smile Orange Cast

Reviews for this show weren’t good at all and most were directed at my character (and rightly so, it was a poorly developed farce of a character). I blame myself for this as I didn’t like the character nor did I make an effort to insert me into it, i just did as directed and got depressed when the reviews came in.  it didn’t help that my costume had me donning a Royal Blue Jack, Light Green Shirt, White pleated Trousers and a Bright PINK cravat with Red shoes!! I looked like a right TWAT in it and felt that way! 
It took awhile for us to find our groove within the production. There was always something about it that some audiences didn’t like but by the time we performed our last show in Mayaro, we were a well oiled machine and it showed. It is still a very funny show and once again I was so proud of being a part of it.  As with any production, there are some people who I would love to work with again and others who I would rather cut my wrist than be on another project with.   SMILE!!!



Have you met the latest potential heartbreaker on the scene? I met him in July when his parents came to Trinidad for a visit and introduced me to the sweetest boy with the most amazing smile and laugh you have seen in ages!!!


Once again, I could not resist the call of being his god-father! Now all we have to do is figure out how I am doing these Trans-Atlantic gifts!!!

I took a deserved break after Smile Orange and concentrated on my REAL job as it was sort of being neglected a lot during the first six months of the year.  This would be reflected in my boss’ comments during my annual performance review where he questioned if this (work) is where I wanted to be. I quickly pointed out that I took no sick days during any of those productions and work did not suffer. He understood that but felt that he didn’t have my 100% attention. Sigh, you would swear we were in some kind of relationship…. I just smiled and told him that we were good.


After Smile Orange, a short relationship I had entered into ended rather abruptly. I could blame myself for the end since I had requested it, but one must always remember that it takes two to tango and one to realise that their dance partner was faking it the entire time. There would be no more attempts at relationships for me for the rest of the year. My blog on August 10th – In a Very Unusual Way… was my attempt at dealing with that. All I got out of that relationship is how much I now can’t stand to hear Daniel Powter. Thank goodness his music sucks so much that he will never make another successful album (fingers crossed).


During this rest period I journeyed to New York and ended up sleeping for the first three days I was there. I also travelled to Minnesota to see Janet Jackson In Concert. I can still recall how my heart was racing as the video for “Control” played and the crowd just started screaming her name (not me. I was silently hyperventilating). Then she came out and all restraint left my body and I joined along in the frantic screaming and jumping up. Briefly, the inner child was allowed to play. He disappeared a minute later when I realised that I must look insane jumping up. Sigh… Love will never do without you, Janet!

I stayed at the Hilton, had a sweet room and had sweet seats that I could see the sweat dripping off of her. Sigh…

While my credit card still hasn’t fully recovered from that excursion, I enjoyed every single minute of it, while getting to see a new city and being close to the one woman whose bath water I’d drink in a heartbeat!! (No not really…I am not that crazy (whistles).

 RABBIT HOLE – TTW Belmont Oct 21-23, Oct 28-30th, Nov 4th-6th (DRAMA)

I returned home to find the country under a State of Emergency and the area where I lived, under curfew. This was not fun! Every discontent I could think of surfaced during this period. Not because of the curfew ( because I barely go out anyway) but simply for the denial of human rights and the apparent lack of direction the Government seemed to have in the execution of this drastic crime reduction measure.

Then my friend Giselle Langton called me as asked me if I could be the Stage Manager for a play she was directing called “Rabbit Hole”. I had sworn to myself in August that there would be no other productions for the rest of the year.

Scene from Rabbit Hole

I said yes to her and therein began my most difficult task of coordinating actors props and sets into one cohesive unit. Thank goodness I had help but when one has to be there before the actors arrive and there after they leave; one misses the feeling of just being the actor in the production instead of this stressed out person coordinating everything else. 

It was a worthwhile learning experience  but I doubt I will ever try to repeat it. “Dat ting was REAL hard!!!”  Rabbit Hole also marked the first time I saw my pictures appear in the newspapers. It was a weird feeling to see the pictures and keep wondering to myself, “Did I do that?” Felt good though.

Then, well to top it all off, I saw Heather Headley in Concert and well I still haven’t fully recovered from that musical treat! Sigh.. It has been a really good year.



When I purchased my Nikon D90 in December 2011, I was so scared to hold it in my hand for too long. I spent most of January cuddling it and when I did venture to take pictures, I was totally disappointed in the output. Of course, most people will say that I am just being hard on myself but I guess it was just nerves about using the camera for the first time.

Now I can barely put the camera down and I have learnt so much about it and its uses that I am well on my way to being a decent photo-take-outer. Thanks to hiking trips, Model Shoots with Legacy Fotography, my first Wedding gig and random shots from all over the place, I think I am beginning to understand the itch I feel when I sit still sometimes and just see photog moments just flashing in front of me.

I was like that at the Heather Headley Concert. I sat there seeing so many possible shots of her and how good they will look but not being an authorised photographer meant I could get booted out for trying to take a picture. SMH! I swear at times my eyes were clicking as If I could take a picture with it and process it later. If only someone could develop that technology, beyond just me seeing it on Mission Impossible.

I’ll publish a blog with at least a photo from every month this year (It’s just a lot to sort through and embedded maybe some memories that i wish I could delete but for whatever reason, I can’t part with it.

Well that’s some of my 2011 memories for now!

There are some that are still too personal and others like the Cleaner who was coming on too strong and who mysteriously got transferred to another floor. These are some things that my brain would never let me forget.

How was your 2011?


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That Particular Time

I took a trip back to 2009 (through pictures today. It was a time in March when I vacationed in Barbados. While I had taken over 400 photos and 6 picture folders from that trip, there are some simple shots that I took that jogged my memory more than the pictures of people or food that I ate that particular time….

I will always thank my friend Matthew for introducing me to some amazing places in Barbados that despite me living there for 2 -3 years prior to this trip (2000-2002), I only saw them on this trip.

BTW: I still miss that Fuselli Pasta from that place in Hastings that I can never remember the name of……lol

There would have been a time when taking a picture stressed me out and sharing them was even a greater issue. So whether touched or untouched, I love them all. These are my memories…and they serve me far too well…..

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Steups ! (Part Deux)

Here is his response:

  • Dear Stefan,
    I am sorry I made this grave error. I was watching the album on marionettes page named ‘Through the years’ and my Tributes Hair spray shot looked extremely similar on the site so I really jumped to the stupid conclusion that they were the same. If you look at the two images you will see what I saw. What a coincident that we shot that scene a mili second apart.Plase do accept my apology

Hmmmm so what do you think? I honestly don’t believe him one bit since I went through the web page and could not find his “similar” photo. Did you notice he ended this email with just “Butch” instead of his entire name? Hmmmm

Do you know why this bothers me still? It bothers me because I go to great lengths not to call myself a photographer or even pretend to be one on any level. I take pictures! I like to take pictures. Some are nice. Most are horrendous!  For every 500 pics I take, I like probably 50 to 60 of them. I shake my head in shame at the others. However, the 50 to 60 i do like i am proud of them.

I started off this year determined to improve my photography skills as I had purchased a Nikon D90 for Christmas (along with the Ipad). So what if I am broken to “teef” now! I love both items very much!

To prove how serious I was about photography, I decided to take on the task of shooting someone who asked me to take some model pics of them. Let’s just say the shoot was awful! He complained about everything and could do half the stuff I asked him to do. Then when I showed him some of the pictures, he hated them all.

Strangely enough, after some “photo-shopping” on his part he seemed to like a few but for me I felt like a failure. I looked at all those photos and saw that I couldn’t capture the essence of anything. They look dead. Nothing worked. No magic.

I entered a slump. I took no pics for the next few months.

Carnival came and I took a few but it still wasn’t the same. My confidence had been shot and I didn’t feel anything had changed in my photography skills. The carnival pictures were much better but I still didn’t think that I had the magic that I had in 2010 with my Panasonic Lumix.

Oh well. Everything in time (i hope).

I recently have been taking some behind the scenes photos with a friend of mine who has his own Photography business and in most instances, I feel a slight return to form. Am I ready to do it on my own……Nope not at all.

I just need to take my time and make love to my new camera.

So folks bare with me.

Please know that I am not competing with anyone for anything related to photography. I am my harshest critic and let me try to make that critic lay off my back before I take on the rest of these people who seem worried or get very critical when they see me with my camera.

God help them……cuz they don’t matter to me..


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